Best Hotels To Stay At When In Bangalore

Best Hotels To Stay At When In Bangalore

Being the IT hub to the nation, Bangalore holds a great importance as a city for multiple businesses. Which is why businessmen keep on travelling in and out of the city, and you will find several airlines offering flights from Bangalore to Mangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, or Hyderabad. It is equally true that the natural beauty that surrounds the city attracts travellers from all over the country too.

To welcome the visitors in Bangalore, there are some of the best hotels present with top-notch accommodation and impressive facilities.

Here, in this article, you will find out about the best hotels to stay when you are in Bangalore.

  1. The Leela Palace

The Leela Palace is a popular name in the hospitality industry. In Bangalore, the 5-star experience awaits at The Leela Palace. But the first thing that catches your eyes is the grand castle-like structure inside the hotel. The interior makes you feel like a royal guest.

In terms of the luxury, the hotel leaves no chances of errors and covers all your desired needs.

  1. Shangri-La Hotel

The Shangri la hotels are popular in various locations in the country. In Bangalore, the hotel welcomes the guests with elegant style and refreshing services. From enjoying piano with tea to a lavish stay in your comfortable room, the hotel offers every possible delight that you can think of. If stressed, you can head to the Jacuzzi, or the spa to relax and calm yourself.

And when you desire your favourite cuisines, the hotel presents multiple restaurant choices to pick from.

  1. ITC Windsor

Offering a home-like experience in a luxurious manner, the ITC Windsor is one of the best hotels in Bangalore. The British-style architecture is combined with the modern as well as traditional services. The hotel provides high-quality room services. Plus, you get to have amenities such as a pool, fitness centre, spa, and a multi-cuisine restaurant. You can enjoy all your favourite beverages and order some of the exquisite and delicious dishes here.

  1. The Oberoi

The Oberoi is one of the first names that people think off when it comes to luxury hotels. The same can be said about The Oberoi in Bangalore. The hotel aligns the services with world-class facilities to match the requirements of the guests. The beautiful interiors and incredibly impressive garden in the outside area give people a chance to stay in a palace-like environment.

  1. Taj Bangalore

The Taj Bangalore is probably the best airport hotel that you can have. The services and the accommodation facilities go beyond your imagination in terms of luxury and leisure. The unique spa location and swimming pool make the stay extremely satisfying for the guests.

While the rooms are packaged with comfort, the services take complete care of your needs. The hotel staff is known for the friendly behaviour and dedicated services.

Choosing the best hotel is the right approach to make the most of the money you spend. And the mentioned hotels will provide you with the satisfaction you are looking for in Bangalore.

So, make sure you book your hotel rooms even before the flight tickets.

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