Amsterdam The European Capital Of Art Exhibitions

Amsterdam The European Capital Of Art Exhibitions

Like most major European metropolises, Amsterdam gives pride of place to art through its rich diversity of museums. Defined as the capital of great art exhibitions, this magnificent city is home to a wide variety of museums. In this long chain, we find the moco museum, the virtuoso, considered as the reference in modern and contemporary art. Prominent for its futuristic side, the moco is without a doubt the torchbearer of the modern vision of museums.

Far Beyond A Traditional Museum, Discover The Moco Museum

Art is beautiful, surreal, and often the manifestation of dreams. The museum of modern and contemporary art in Amsterdam, the Moco Museum reflects the definition of this art. Although it is very young in the Amsterdam sphere, housed in a historic building dating from the beginning of the 20th century, the moco is a revolution in its ideas, its vision, its freedoms, and even in its valorization of the art professions. Highlighting contemporary classical artists, virtuosos of all kinds, of all borders, it is also an academy of fine arts.

Some Movements Highlighted By The Moco Museum

The moco museum, being very interested in radical figures, values in its rich repertory artists and movements with extreme character. As a movement, we can quote among others:-

  • Street Art: Which is a free and non-conformist version of art in public places. Through graffiti, these artists express the depth of their thoughts. At the top of the list in this movement, we can talk about Banksy.
  • The Pop-Art: It is a question of associating with art the popular figures to mark at best the spirits.

However, the moco puts particular emphasis on non-conformists such as Banksy: who is the most important figure of street art. Having a strong and rich personal collection, he has risen to the top of his art through all obstacles.

At The Top Of The Beauty Of Amsterdam, A Long Chain Of Museums Is Rising

Amsterdam is a city par excellence of art exhibitions from all over the world. From the Rijksmuseum to the Van Gogh museum, without forgetting the one and only moco museum, this is the description of the Amsterdam museum.

Although diversified in kind, this city of a thousand colors can boast without the pretension of being the world capital of art. You will not be able to visit the old continent by making an abstraction on the good old Amsterdam and its museums.