Importance Of Changes In Baby Kicks

Importance Of Changes In Baby Kicks

After a certain time of pregnancy, baby movements start occurring. These movements can change the orientation of the baby as well as related to kicks. These kicks are essential for mothers because in case of pregnancy it is easier to check the activities by looking for kicks. Activity of the baby is directly related to the health of it and makes the mothers understand its condition easily. The changes that occur in a number of kicks during pregnancy may occur due to various factors.


Importance Of Changing Number Of Kicks

Changing number of kicks in a given time is related to factors like health condition as well as the month of pregnancy. With the growth of the baby, the amount of activity increases and mothers who are constantly concerned about their baby can have an idea about its health just by counting kicks daily. There are varieties of facilities now available as baby kick counter. These are bracelets that further help the mothers in counting kicks even when they rest. There are various things that can be understood by changing a number of kicks as given below:

  1. The first thing that increasing kicks suggest is that the baby is growing and showing a perfect response to external stimulus. The growth of the baby results in a shortage of space for it. Due to this belly enlarges and mothers can feel them move along with the occasional kicks.
  2. A decrease in a number of kicks or decreasing activity may occur due to changes in health. It may suggest that the baby is in distress and the mother should be taken to doctor immediately. There are many complications due to which these changes in activity can occur, like while movement there may be issues with umbilical cord getting tied up around the baby. These conditions can be changed with expert doctors changing its orientation externally.
  3. A high number of kicks in the last stages of pregnancy suggest that the delivery date is approaching. These delivery dates are related to changing activity fully. Before coming out baby gets set in a particular orientation and show activities like kicks. Thus counting kicks is an important part of having an idea of the baby.

As it is known that constantly ultrasonography test is not good for the ears of the growing baby. Therefore the only way to check for the health condition of the baby inside is by checking conditions externally. That is the only way to understand if the baby faces complications. Thus if kicks decrease at an alarming rate mothers should immediately go to a doctor as expert gynecologists can only detect the issue properly. Thus in keeping track of kicks, during pregnancy kick counter bracelets help mothers in a big way.


Counting kicks are more of a scientific approach towards pregnancy than an emotional aspect. There are various instruments prepared so that kick counting can be easier and working women can easily keep a note of the number of kicks with these bracelets. Thus a change in a number of kicks is normal and necessary for growth stages of pregnancy.

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