What To Do During A Car Crash Abroad

What To Do During A Car Crash Abroad

According to a report in Time magazine, the most common cause of American death abroad is an auto accident. Of course, not all car accidents lead to death. However, there’s no harm in taking a more cautious step when driving on foreign roads.


As globalization changes the economy of different countries worldwide, more and more people are able to own a car and drive. The streets become crowded, and road safety issues grow imminent. If you do experience a car crash in one of your travels, here’s what you should do:

Know your rights.

Even if you are in a foreign land, you are still entitled to your rights. You just need to provide proof of legal visitation to the country and an international driver’s license. Since there are different traffic regulations in different countries, be sure to study them before you travel. If ever you are in a crunch, you can always ask legal advice from MG Law.

Gather important information.

At the time of the accident, you need to quickly make a mental note of what has happened. Get pictures of the vehicles including the plate numbers. Also, exchange insurance details with the other driver. Take as many names and addresses of witnesses as you can. Without the presence of a legal advisor, never apologize or admit liability.

Call the police.

The local police are your first port of call during such accidents. If you are not adept with the foreign language, you might also call for an interpreter. You want to talk to the local authorities clearly and without misunderstandings.

The police will be making his own report of the accident. If you are asked to, you can show him the information you’ve gathered before he has arrived. Finally, ask for a copy of the police report. You might need it.

Review your coverage limitations.

Your coverage from back home is most probably incomplete or non-existent if you’re in a car accident abroad. What you can use is your travel insurance. However, even this has restrictions. You need to review these restrictions before you make a claim.

Remember that there are some countries who require that you purchase a local coverage provider before you can drive in their roads. In which case, your auto policy at home and your travel insurance are useless. The good thing is that you can probably get better claims.

File a personal injury claim.

Though in a foreign land, you can still file a personal injury claim. However, the process will be long and complicated. Moreover, you will need a local lawyer. This will cost you a lot of money. It is better if you settle the case with the other party personally.


As much as possible, you want to avoid complications while abroad. So when you plan on driving around, you need to be extra careful. If you want to eliminate any risk of experiencing auto accidents, it’s better if you ride local transportation such as trains and busses.

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