Rasgulla: A Sweet Delicacy Of India

Rasgulla: A Sweet Delicacy Of India

Rasgulla is one of the most popular sweets of India, and it is mainly made from ball shaped cottage cheese dumplings (locally called Chhena). Well, this popular delicacy has its origin in the eastern part of India which is at present parts of Odisha and West Bengal. In Odisha, this is considered to be a traditional sweet which is offered to Lord Jagannatha in the famous Jagannatha Temple of Puri. In West Bengal, this delicacy has been named as ‘Banglar Rasogolla,’ and it has a different texture, colour and taste from the one available in Odhisha.

There are many types of Rasgulle recipes available and bread ke rasgulle recipe is a popular one among them. This sweet delicacy is known as a Bengal discovery to the rest of the world, and at present, this one is relished in all the parts of India as well as in other countries. One can also prepare rasgulla at home, but for most, making this sweet is an art, and one can only master the art with practice.

The regular rasgulla that one can get in sweet shops everyday and the one which people fall in love with are not that difficult at make at home. They have to be very soft and are mostly milk white in colour. The main thing that one needs to concentrate on while making rasgulle is how they are kneading the chenna (cottage cheese) with the amount of lemon juice and sugar water. The chhena has to be lump free otherwise the rasgulla will not taste good. Once you start making it at home, you will get an idea how things go one step after another. This will make you master the art.

There are varieties of rasgulle available in the market. One among them is the baked rasgulla. It is mainly made with the help of creamy paneer mixture, and it also has a lot of condensed milk which makes it taste really nice. There is also a traditional Hyderabadi Rasgulla which is mainly made during occasions and weddings. This one has kheer and lauki as the main ingredients. When this rasgulla is cooked, it has additions of mawa, milk and garnished nuts which give it a very rich flavour. This particular type of rasgulla is said to be tasted best when it is chilled. One can make this at home and then keep it in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving it to the guests. Some add rose water to it for additional taste.

Many people also mix rasgullas with rabdi which is another Indian sweet delicacy. One can take rabdi of any flavour and soak small dumplings of rasgulla in it for a few hours before serving. According to chefs, rasgulla goes best with butterscotch flavoured rabdis.

Have you ever heard of rasgulla lassi? Well, it is a soothing summer drink and one can add fresh mango pulps along with scoop of ice creams into it.

To get bread ke rasgulle recipe in Hindi, one can check out recipe websites.

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