Must-Know Camping Food Ideas And Tips

Must-Know Camping Food Ideas And Tips

Are you going camping? Don’t rely on trail mix and protein bars to keep you going. You don’t need freeze-dried astronaut food or MRE meals either. What you do need are some great camping food ideas that you and your companions are sure to love.

Don’t go without tasty treats and good nutrition while you’re off in the woods. Stay full and energized.

Keep reading for some of the best camping food ideas so you know what to bring next time you’re out in the wilderness.


Kebabs are easy and nutritious camping snacks that you don’t need any specific ingredients for. You get to choose what goes onto it, so whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or omnivore, there’s something for you.

Take all of your desired proteins and vegetables (or fruits if you want to make fruit kebabs) with you on your trip. Once you have the fire going, cut your ingredients and skewer them.

You can hold them over the fire if you have long skewers, but it’s easier if you have some kind of grill. There are plenty of cooking options from Barebones Living to make this simple.

Cook until your vegetables have a good char on them and your protein is cooked through.

Tip: To make this easier at dinner time, chop your protein and vegetables ahead of time and keep them in your cooler. All you have to do is skewer and go!

Fire-Roasted Potatoes

Do you love a nice baked potato? You can make them on your camping trip. Best of all, potatoes are easy to bring with you.

Once your fire is low and while the ambers are still hot, put your potatoes, wrapped in foil, on top of it. Every few minutes you should adjust the potatoes to make sure each side gets equal heat. It should take about 30 minutes to get soft and warm potatoes.

We love heating up canned black beans over the fire while this is going on to top our potato with some protein.

Easy Eggs

Do you love having eggs for breakfast? No problem.

As bringing raw eggs with you can get messy, we suggest scrambling them ahead of time. You can keep the pre-scrambled eggs in their own sandwich bags to make them easy to transport. Make each bag one serving.

If you want to keep it simple, add your bags (while closed) into a pot of boiling water over the fire. Leave them in for 8 to 10 minutes, or until firm.

Bonus tip: If you want to add some pizzaz to your eggs, chop up extra ingredients and put them in the bags. Peppers and tomatoes make your eggs into tasty omelets. If you bring tortillas, you can even have breakfast burritos!

Which of These Camping Food Ideas Will You Try?

These camping food ideas are filling and nutritious. You’ll have plenty of energy for hiking, swimming, and climbing. Take some of our ideas with you on your next camping trip and leave the trail mix at home.

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