Lisbon And It’s Sapid Cuisines

Lisbon And It’s Sapid Cuisines

Lisbon is one of the oldest capital cities in Europe and one of the oldest cities in the world. The capital of Portugal, it’s also recognized as the global city by the Globalisation and World Cities Study Group for its prominent development and contribution in the financial, entertainment, education and tourism sector. Alongside being the political center of the country, it’s also enlisted in the top 10 most visited cities in Southern Europe. This versatile city boasts of being the first global empire.


People flock to this place for its underrated wooing atmosphere, an irresistible charm in it’ manner of living, a nightlife that can out-wit that of Madrid’s and of course the experimental yet sumptuous local cuisine.

Talking about local cuisines, Lisbon is the place with one of the best of street foods around the world. The traditional Lisbon dishes reflect their sophisticated and liberal lifestyle. Being the only city of the country along the Atlantic side, Lisbon has always had access to ample fishes and seafood resources. Hence it had been home to unsurmountable authentic palatable sea-dishes, of which Let’s have a look at some of the most popular cuisines as well as street food of this  flourishing city which are said to be competitively low priced to its European counterparts:

Custard Tarts





Bacalhau is the oldest and most appreciated seafood of Portugal and its cities.  Bacalhau, a Portuguese word means dry, salted cod. This dish was originated in the times when consuming met for considered a sin in the Catholic countries. Cod, being a strong fish, is cured first and then made into a savory Bacalhau, depending upon the region, it’s prepared in, in accordance to people’s liking. This is a versatile dish that can be fried, stewed, or mashed. This traditional Portuguese dish is a must-have, whenever you visit Lisbon.



If it’s summer in Lisbon, it sardines time. The lisboetas are obsessed with their sardines. Sardines are the most demanded dish by the tourist in the whole of Portugal. As soon as the weather turns warmer, the fresh sardines are found in every nook and corner of the city. In the summer fest Festo de Santo Antonio, one can find fresh and grilled sardines served with side-dishes like mashed potatoes, bell peppers and is mostly enjoyed with red wine.



One of the most loved snacks of the people of the country is Bifana. This fast food is a Portuguese roll filled with thick slices of pork, simmered with the wine. While cooking, the juices that leave the pork to add a wholesome taste to the dish Then mustard sauce along with the option of peri sauce is smeared over the roll. The snack is widely enjoyed along with a chilled local beer.

Custard tarts:


Custard tarts are one of the iconic dishes of Lisbon and could most certainly become the only reason for you to revisit this city. Custard tart is a rich buttery pastry filled to the brim egg yolk custard and icing of cinnamon on the top. This traditional egg pastry is what attracts the dessert-hoarders from around the world to this place. Mostly served alongside coffee, this dish makes for a mouth-filling breakfast or evening snack.

You can eat all these scrummy dishes at the airport.  But if you want to enjoy the unaltered, authentic taste and cherish it the Lisbon way, you will have to go through the uneven cobblestone streets or the city center’s which are at maximum, a 20-25 minutes taxi ride from the Lisbon airport. There are credible transport taxi services available 24 by seven outside the airport.

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