Cleaning Drains Is A Part Of Your Great Housekeeping!

Cleaning Drains Is A Part Of Your Great Housekeeping!

Cleanliness is next to godliness. So true! In fact, you must clean your surroundings where you live and work so as to induce a positive feeling. Scientifically, cleaning is a prerequisite for a healthy living. Cleaning drains is, therefore, a part of your housekeeping endeavour. But, unlike the cleaning of the open areas at your home, drain cleaning demands a specialised service. Having said that, we mean you must have specific knowledge about the same. We, therefore, take this opportunity to share a blanket guideline with you here.

Key areas of cleaning drains:

You must begin with a learning here that can help you clean drains effortlessly. You should know here that there are broadly two types of drain cleaning, namely cleaning with the mild drain cleaners and cleaning with the strong chemical drain cleaners.    

  • Cleaning with the mild drain cleaners: We recommend you to adopt this at the first place if you are attempting to clean drains for the first time at home. This will facilitate your understanding of the different aspects of a drain cleaning exercise. On the flip side, this exercise will be safe for you as well as your living environment. Follow a few simple steps like below.
    1. First, you have to ensure that the drain is dry. Having said that, we mean, let the stagnant water percolate down and the drain pipe become dry. Then, pour a cup of baking powder into the blocked drain. You may, however, need to pour more than one cup of baking powder into the drain based on the severity of the clogging.
    1. Now, add two cups of boiling water into the drain and wait for sometime, say 5 – 10 minutes.
    1. You will then hear a sizzling sound and see that both plugs and bubbles are following down towards the other end of the drain.
    1. Don’t be panicked after you hear the sizzling sound as it indicates that the soda present in the baking powder is actually breaking the clogs. In other words, the sizzling sound is a good sign for you.
  1. Once the bubbles recede, pour two more cups of boiling water into the pipe.

This is a proven method of cleaning drains attached to your sinks and others. Since you will be using baking powder only, you will not be adding any hazardous chemical to the environment.         

  • Cleaning with the strong chemical drain cleaners: There are many chemical drain cleaners available in the markets around the world. As such, you can choose any drain cleaner that’s popular in your niche market. Alternatively, take suggestions from your family, friends, or the sellers of such chemicals in your local market. Now, sachets containing drain cleaning chemicals too are available and these sachets are always economic anyway. Tear open the sachet, pour the chemical into the drain and then, add two cups of normal water. Wait for 5-10 minutes for the plugs to come out with bubbles.

However, you may be required to repeat the process based on the severity of the drain clogging.    

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