Addiction And Its Side Effects

Addiction And Its Side Effects

Addiction comprises of craving for a drug or substance in an extraordinary manner. Moreover, it is a widely accepted fact that the addicts lose their sense of control over a regular period. On the other hand, the users despite knowing the fact that addiction is harmful to their physical and mental health continue to being addicted to that thing. It is interesting to note that addiction first changes the behavioral pattern of the brain. In later years, adverse effects of addiction can be seen as it affects the addict’s normal; drivers like the ability to learn and motivate. Hence, the harmful effect of dependency is quite visible in the mental health of a user. On the flipside, addiction also affects the physical health of a person severely.

One such harmful addiction is porn addiction. Over a gradual period of time, the side effects of a porn addiction have a severe impact on the mental health of people. Many health complications arise over a period. Many agree that breaking an addiction is quite difficult, but with modern day resources, one can easily get free from the clutches of addiction.

The exact cause of porn addiction

The term addiction is derived from a Latin word that refers to “enslaved by” or “to be bound to.” An individual who is an addict or has helped someone in the past to overcome the habit of addiction can well understand these terms. It is also widely observed that the adverse effects of porn addiction are quite visible in the behavioral patterns of the brain. It manifests in three different ways. Firstly, the person craves for the object of dependency; secondly, the person loses control over its usage and lastly, the continuous involvement of the individual despite being aware that it has harmful consequences. By laying stress on the side effects of a porn addiction, the addicts can be liberated from this deadly habit. In recent years, many experts agree that an individual can get addicted to shopping, gambling, and even sex.

The notion of healthy addiction and severe addiction

According to many modern day psychologists, addiction can be good as well as bad. It is so because an individual can get addicted to even right or wrong things. The reason for this is as the human brain can get addicted to certain things that it thinks would be beneficial to escape from reality. For instance, it is a common phenomenon that an individual can get addicted to books. On the other hand, reading a book is quite beneficial for the human mind. Hence, it is evident that addiction exists in good and bad forms. Addiction thus plays a productive role in life too. However, it is not true in the case of porn addicts. Being addicted to porn lowers work productivity and the person loses the ability to interact in a social environment.

It is entirely reasonable for a person to get addicted to certain forms of addiction because our society is a fast paced society. However, it is also kind of interesting to note that addiction also exists in good and bad forms. Being addicted to books and other productive things is not usually a dangerous addiction. But it is important that if an individual addicted to porn should get over this addiction quickly to save them and the society.

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