Tips For Hiring A Party Entertainer

Tips For Hiring A Party Entertainer

As a parent, you do your best to ensure that your kid’s birthday party is the experience he/she can cherish for the entire year. Sometimes, you go overboard to hire expensive party entertainers. But finding an entertainer is a stressful job.

That’s why we are sharing these tips with you to make your choice a lot easier.

The party

Before hiring a party entertainer you need to look into his background, if he is suited for your event. Whether you are organizing a science birthday party or a kids’ Halloween party? Depending on the theme of the party, an entertainer is sorted. For instance, a science party entertainer needs to be an experienced professional who can introduce kids to the joy of science in a playful manner.

Age of kids

Different ages mean different interests. Young lads won’t enjoy the same performance as the older kids and vice versa. Consider the guests of your party and consult with the performer about how suitable is his performance depending on the age of the kids.


Take your time to research about performers through word-of-mouth, reviews and online references. We recommend starting with the party planning and hiring early on to reduce stress. Starting early will ensure that you are able to hire the right entertainer for the party without compromising on your first choice. It is no secret that quality party entertainers are huge in demand. Start late and you will find the entertainer of your choice unavailable for the day of your party.

Get quotes

First up, choose more than one entertainer and ask for quotes from all of them. You may be tempted to hire the one with the cheapest price, but remember you get what you pay for. It may be the entertainers are offering the same services for different prices, the real difference is in the experience and how indulging activities are performed by the entertainers. Make use of reviews and references of the entertainer for this decision.


Don’t settle for a word-of-mouth agreement; sign up a detailed contract with the entertainer. A contract is important to make sure the entertainer shows up on the day of the party and do exactly as agreed in the contract.

To be on the safe side, have a backup plan to deal with the situation in case the entertainer falls through. It happens more often than you think.

Do your part

Hiring a party entertainer is half the job; you need to make sure that party venue is ready when the entertainer arrives. Also discuss with the entertainer if he will need any supplies on the day of the party. Often, a science party requires inventories that hosts need to provide.

Now, once you hired an entertainer and ready the venue. It’s time to enjoy when the entertainer shows up. Yes, don’t forget to take loads of pictures and eat the cake!

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