How To Use Transcripts To Recompose Your Content For Marketing

How To Use Transcripts To Recompose Your Content For Marketing

Ask any company that has been successful with their marketing efforts and they will say that the best ideas and content are not always in written form. It would be a mistake to ignore the content that you already have in video and audio format. Recorded content can be full of ideas and solutions for marketing challenges. The trick is to make this content accessible, so that it can be recomposed into different formats. The first step is to transcribe the content of your recordings and then look at the following ideas for how to use this newly transcribed content.

Use Transcripts for Blog Posts

Did you realise that a five-minute recording turns out just the right amount of words for a blog post, depending on how fast they speak? When you transcribe the speech of a company leader, or a discussion between team members, you can quickly look at the text, make some edits, and have a new blog post very quickly available for sharing on your site and through social media.

Using Transcripts for Email Marketing

Email content is very useful for creating links with current customers and giving them content that will be useful for them. Sometimes it can be difficult to think about subjects for email marketing efforts, and difficult to find the time to actually write them, but video and audio content can help. UK transcription services can help you to access the content you already have, so you can cut it and shape it up for email marketing purposes.

Produce EBooks and White Papers

UK transcription services make it easier for you to create premium content solutions so that you can connect with more customers and provide people with extended information that answers their particular needs. EBooks can be very attractive to people looking for guidance on an issue. Again, it can be hard to decide what to put into an eBook, but you may already have content in audio format that can be transcribed and made more legible in order to be used for premium marketing purposes.

Share with Social Media

When you transcribe longer pieces of text for use in blog posts, eBooks, etc., you will come across shorter pieces of text that could work very well as quotes on Facebook or discussion points on Twitter. Nothing is wasted when you work with transcripts.

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