Bring Some Thrill In Your Routine With Short Intervals

Bring Some Thrill In Your Routine With Short Intervals

If you have been lamenting your job, the day today deadlines, and the boundless toil, there are splendid spots around Bangalore that can cater you a great break. How long are you going to feel so stuck, bored and humdrum? So, it is time that you explore the options and grabs the most suitable destinations for your traveling.

While you begin to explore, you will get to know about many such spots which are real relievers. One of such places is Skandagiri. It is situated around sixty kilometres from Bangalore and it is needless to say that it is an ideal spot for one day outing. A huge number of tourists visit this spot for thrilling and enchanting Skandagiri trekking.

A Blend of Beauty and Adventure

Skandagiri, which is located three kilometres from Chikballapur village, is a picturesque weekend getaway which also caters as an adventurous spot for exciting trips and weekend getaways. It is a beautiful hill with the ruins of a splendid fort that dates back to the eighteenth century. This fort is in a decrepit condition, and such is the case with the temple located close to it. But such things take nothing away from the thrilling trek to the top of mountain.

The Trek

This trek to the top of Skandagiri is on quite easier side along with a well-marked out route. The initial portion of the trek is very dry in terms of the vegetation. But, as you begin to get closer to the top of this hill, you begin to witness luxurious vegetation. The top of hill caters panoramic sites of the valley below.

Once you stand there on the top of this hill, you can feel like a monarch yourself. Though the fort is in an extremely bad condition, you can take a stroll around it to relish the holiness surrounding it. Moreover there is a pool of water as well at the top of the hill. However, there is hardly any water in this pool now because the careless trekkers use it as a dustbin.

Night trekking

Skandagiri hill is one of the couple of trekking routes around Bangalore wherein a nice night trek is absolutely possible. The trek to top of the hill takes around two hours that means in case you begin at midnight, you must reach the top by two or so in the morning and spend a little quality time camping at the top before the disruption of dawn. The entire feel of such a camping after a long trekking path is just so phenomenal. You can feel the aliveness you have been looking for all these years. The ambience will leave you thrilled and refreshed.


The bottom line is that whether you are a traveling enthusiast, trekking buff, shutterbug or nature admirer, you must visit Skandagiri for giving that freshness to your life which it deserves. After all, you cannot ruin your weeks, months and years working and working only. These types of adventurous intervals can keep your life enthusiastic and welcoming.

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