Is Douching Safe During The Course Of Pregnancy

Is Douching Safe During The Course Of Pregnancy

It is pretty common to come across an odor or discharge from your vagina. Now the question that you need to answer is can you douche when your pregnant. The simple answer in this regard is no as it is known to change the bacterial levels, which you may have in your vagina. This can irritate your vagina and can aggravate the yeast infections at the same time. It is strongly suggested that you do not encourage douching, in any of the patients, as it is not all that necessary. The vagina is known to clean itself by secreting fluids, which drain and flush out the dead cells, bacteria along with semen. If you are  concerned about any unusual discharge then you should get in touch with a doctor.

 A lot of doctors strictly confirm the fact that you should not douche on pregnancy on any counts. Many women feel if they douche it makes them look much more ,cleaner but this is not true in any manner. It is known with the ability of the vagina to clean itself which goes on to disrupt the balance of the healthy bacteria and can pave way to bacterial vagniosis a condition which is known to cause preterm delivery. In fact women who are known to douch once a month, are more likely to develop  BV than women who don’t

Is douching safe during the stages of pregnancy?

A vaginal douse is basically a vaginal cavity flush. It is designed to rinse the vagina, by forcing water into the cavity and flushing it out. Sometimes the douches are scented and most of them are available over the counter or by prescription. In some ways it is also conferred the tag as vaginal deodorant.

Many women are thrilled with the idea of a vaginal douche during pregnancy as during this stage your vaginal discharge is bound to increase. This can make a woman dirty and sometimes the idea of a beautiful scented perfume is what appeals to her. The vagina does not clean itself and there is no need for any artificial cleansing agent in this regard. Studies do point to the fact that there are many disadvantages whether you are pregnant or not when you go on to use vaginal douche. The biggest negative is that it goes on to disrupt the natural and chemical balance of the vagina. In such a case a lady is more prone to get infections by washing, away the natural bacteria of the body by introducing new bacteria into the vagina.

Douching while pregnant needs to be avoided at any cost. If you feel that you have any form of vaginal infection, then it is suggested that you seek the expert advice of a doctor. The main reason could be that you do not want the bacteria to be passed over to the unknown child or have more labor pain. You should not experience any form of vaginal itching and visiting a doctor is the best course of advice.

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