Tips From David Montyoa Stonemakers  While Installing A Waterfall In The Backyard!

Tips From David Montyoa Stonemakers While Installing A Waterfall In The Backyard!

Imagine yourself lazing along with your family on a Sunday morning in your backyard garden amidst the lush green and the soothing & gurgling sounds of water streaming and ending in a pool somewhere in the middle of the garden. Isn’t just the thought of it elating?


Here are some of the basic tips for everyone to be aware of for installing a beautiful waterfall in their home garden, as they are put together by David Montyoa Stonemakers, the founder of Stonemakers.

First up is, the Source!

It is the source of the water stream that will decide the level of drama that the water will have on its way down the pond.  As for the source, if the filter boxes are placed near the top, they have to be hidden by surrounding plants and shrubs and stones of course. The aim, after all, is to create the most natural looking garden waterfall. The experts at Stonemakers give you such advice whereby you will have easy maintenance access & the waterfall will also seem more natural with water arising from something like a wellspring.

The Rocks and stones must echo the essence of long past time!

Surely any day you would prefer your garden waterfall to have a look that would echo that fact that its water has been pouring over the stones & rocks over centuries. Experts are on to hard work to build natural looking blocks with sharp edges. All natural waterfalls reveal the stones beneath jutting out from the ground at different angles as a result of age-old scouring by the streaming water. Thus, experts realize your dream by adding stories to the rocks. Most of the rocks that make the falls must be buried beneath so that the water flows over them.

Reproduce the erratic placement!

The house-sized boulders that were rounded and rubbed off by the glaciers that used to be are called Erratics. So, adding erratic behavior to the waterfall can also add a lot of dramatic character to the garden. The designer experts at Stonemakers and David Montyoa Stonemakers often suggest the same. This helps to render a rock garden sort of a look.

Adjust the Drain right under the falls!

Experts suggest that the drain must be placed at the deepest area of the pond i.e. where the waterfall directly hits. Also, do place the basin pebbles in a manner that they seem pushed out to the outer edges of the pool surrounding the plants and rocks. Like most streams that move down steep terrains, your garden waterfall will also look exceedingly natural.

Lastly, create soft resonating gurgles from the water. The water stream shouldn’t resemble the “Niagara Syndrome”, for too much water volume will spoil the intimate music of the garden.

You can now put such dreams into reality as the landscaping market is huge now with expert providers. One of the major names that are famed in the industry is that of the Stonemakers. Consulting with their well-trained experts can most definitely provide you with a cost-effective but the best installation process. The designers at the Stonemakers have years of expertise in designing landscape waterfalls, making stone decorations and building artificial ponds. They already have a huge trusted client-base and is looking forward to expanding it with their unique and innovative ideas and service.

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