Are Babies Known To Possess Knee Caps?

Are Babies Known To Possess Knee Caps?

Do new born babies have knee caps? Yes is the answer and they worked out to be softer than yours. To anyone who has gone on to spend a reasonable amount of time, will be pretty much aware of the fact that for the little ones, walking or standing are going to be possible much earlier before braking. They seem to have taken a leaf out of their navigational pulses as the early stages of toddling is all about crashes.


It is much more than the ability of the toddlers to walk, but it is their ability to keep ticking on and on. Till someone is going to react to their spill with a sense of fear, what generally happens to the toddlers is that they are going to bounce back with a smile on their faces as if nothing has happened. Then they proceed to the next movable object that comes in front of them at the same time.

When it comes to knees, they are known to take the brunt of the damage. This is in toddling stage and they are tailor made for it. The knees are soft and have a rubbery feeling when touched to it. Whether you are in the age bracket of 2 to 92 years, the knees are known to work overtime so that you can go to move around. It is an important joint whether the bone of the thighs, the shin bone coupled with the knee cap meet together.

A muscle group referred to as quadriceps extends down till the length of the femur. One it reaches the knee, they are known to taper down, in the tendon of the quadriceps that is considered to be a strong piece of connective tissue. On top of the knee cap the tendon is being attached. Towards the other portion of the knee the connective tissue that also goes by the name of patella emerges down. It reaches down to the bottom of the kneecap on top of the tibia. With the kneecap resting in grove which is towards the round region of the femur, you can move forward or backward in an easy manner.

With the type of set up in place, you can pretty well fixe the quadriceps tendon forward along with the kneecap to which it is being attached. What happens is that patella ligament is being pulled along with the kneecap where it is being attached as well. The patella ligament is being pulled down coupled with the tibia to which it was being attached. Once the knee cap slides down, it carries along with it your lower leg. In the process it is being straightened out. When the quadriceps are in a  stage of relaxation, the kneecap is going to slide forward which would mean that the lower leg of yours could bend once again.

So from our discussion till now, baby knee caps are there but it is too soft and the main reason for it is that the brunt of the damage could be taken.

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