Three Types Of Interesting Tribal Indian Art

Three Types Of Interesting Tribal Indian Art

When it comes to art, India is a very rich country. Since ancient times, we have had the best artists and creative people born in our soil. The country loves and preserves art and culture. Because art is also a form of culture. Hence, we see many tribal arts alive even today. If it were any other place, the art would have vanished. Thanks to Indians who love to buy tribal art, many tribal people still earn their living through these forms of art.

Here are three most amazing art forms that are popular in India –

Dhokra art

Dhokra is a special form of art because it is a metal art. Metal is used to create artistic forms. This art form takes birth from Orissa and Jharkhand region. It is one of the oldest forms of metal casting. This art has been alive for more than 4000 years. The metal art is entirely handmade. The raw metal goes through thirteen steps before the craft is complete. Usually idols of gods are made using metal through this technique. Crafts furnish sells these pieces online.

Madhubani painting –

Madhubani painting is also known as Mithila art because it originated from Nepal and Bihar which was then a part of the kingdom of Janak, Sita’s father. Needless to say, it is one of the most popular tribal arts in the country. Every house hold who values art and culture boasts a Madhubani painting on its wall. The painting was mostly done by women who thought of God all day long. The concepts painted were usually mythology, Gods and nature. Sometimes geometrical patterns were also used.

Pattachitra –

It is one of the ancient forms of art dating back to the 12th century. The pattachitra was from Orissa. The word literally means ‘cloth picture’. This is because the paintings were done on a piece of cloth. Even today, villages in Orissa keep this art alive. In a village called Raghurajpur in Orissa, at least one member of the family is working on this art. The artisans used natural elements like vegetables and fruits to make mineral colours that is used for painting. The concepts used in this art are mostly lord Jaganath, an incarnation of lord Krishna. The love story of Krishna and Radha, scenes of epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana are also the themes used in this art form. This painting will be a wonderful inclusion into your homes.

The Indian tribal art is ancient and vast. It has been passed down from many generations and still holds strong in this mechanized world. Tribal handcraft is what is keeping the spirit of handmade stuff even today. People buy handicraft because it is genuine, good quality and worth the price. Also, they know the efforts the tribal people and artisans put into making each piece. The modern world sees these artisans and their products coming into main stream with the help of online marketing. You can now get Madhubani painting or dhokra art online shopping. It is a very lovely way to keep your home and office spaces lively and beautiful.

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