Simple Ways To Keep Your Heart Valves Healthy

Simple Ways To Keep Your Heart Valves Healthy

Heart valves are very important because they help in the flow of the blood in the heart and make it flow in one direction only and thus help in the proper functioning of the circulatory system. There are four valves in total and they are: the atrioventricular (AV) valves called the tricuspid valve and the mitral or bicuspid valve. Then, there are the semilunar valves known as the pulmonary valve and the aortic valve. Whereas the mitral and the aortic valve is present on the left side of the heart and the pulmonary and the tricuspid valve are present on the right side of the heart. These valves are very important as they determine the path of blood flow in our body and it is what keeps us alive. It is important to keep them healthy as otherwise many diseases can occur due to the valves getting sick and then one has to go through the surgical procedures like heart valve replacement surgery.

When no other option is left, then you have to go for it irrespective of the fact that heart valve replacement surgery cost is much higher and it is a serious surgical procedure. Instead, we should strive to keep ourselves healthy so that we don’t have to go for this kind of surgeries that can cure us, but in the cost of getting a serious operation. Try to follow these simple steps by which you can keep your heart valves healthy for the near future.

  • Get a lot of sound sleep as tiredness and fatigue can affect the health of your heart in the long way. It is important that you remain stress free and for that do anything you need to. Tension, anxiety, fear, stress and other such related emotions can really cause terrible damage to the heart valves and that can become your enemy for all your life,. So, try to remain stress-free and do everything possible so that you can reduce your stress and kick it away.
  • Quit smoking totally and don’t even touch cigarettes. You don’t know how much harmful it is really for your body.
  • Try to maintain your body weight and try to eat cholesterol free foods i.e. foods that will increase your bad cholesterol and not naturally-enriched good cholesterol foods. Maintaining a proper body weight and maintaining a healthy body will help your heart to stay fit and active.
  • Try to eat foods that are filled with mineral and fibres. Without in taking fibres and minerals you cannot keep your heart healthy.
  • Certain natural ingredients keep your heart healthy like turmeric, garlic, hawthorn, cayenne pepper and hibiscus. Take them regularly in various forms and try to keep your heart healthy.

The heart valves needs to be kept healthy and by following these simple rules you can easily keep your heart healthy and this will save you from going through surgeries like the heart valve replacement surgery. Although heart valve replacement surgery cost in India is lower than that of several other countries in the world, still it is better if such situations doesn’t arrive in which you have to go through surgeries.

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