Some Serious Issue Treatment During Pregnancy

Some Serious Issue Treatment During Pregnancy

Immune System

HIV is one of deadly viruses present in this universe. HIV comes with a full form of Human immuno deficiency virus. It effectively causes the disease that is almost untreatable which comes by the name of AIDS, which is popularly known as Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. From the name it is very clearly visible that this disease is solely related with the immune system of our body. Now immune system is that part of the body for which we are living each and every moment of our life. In a simple language it is called as the resistive system if our body. Different cells and organs are involved in the giving resistance to the body. Cells like neutrophil, monocyte, and leukocyte are involved in the defense of the body. They give immunity to the body so that the body can fight against all the odds in many adverse situations. The immune system has another beautiful function too. They produce memory cells that keeps the memory of all the diseases that happened to a particular individual and once the same type of disease return they provide all sort of resistance against those disease. This property makes it more and more unique than any other system in human body.



Viruses are an amazing entity having its own sets of unique characteristics. It is mostly called an entity because it is neither living nor dead. Often it is called that the viruses are an intermediate between living and death. However when the viruses enters any body be it human or any other mammal they become alive and starts its own life cycle. They have their own genetic material. Viruses are grossly of two types that is classifies on the basis of its genetic material. Some group of viruses contains DNA as their genetic material and some group of viruses contains RNA as their genetic material. Although the latter group is more than the former one. Once entering the body they starts replicating their genetic material so that they can grow inside the body and establish themselves. After growing within the body they try to curb the immune system and the genes controlling the immune system of human body. Some fails but some conquers. Thus causing different sort and level of malfunction in the body. HIV is that kind of virus that causes all the problem upon its establishment. Even the pregnant ladies are also not spared from this. Although HIV/AIDS medicine are well available, unfortunately the fate is very miserable.

Infection during pregnancy

Pregnancy is that condition where a single is infused with another body growing inside. So naturally the immune system of the mother is shared by the baby, which results into weakening in the immune system of the mother. And it is inevitable that if mother is infected then the baby will also face same kind of problem as mother.


HIV/AIDS are mostly genetic in nature. It can express any time and at any moment in the lifetime. So gene therapy, which is on the developing stage becomes the sole treatment method for HIV/AIDS.

Genetic Counseling

It is advised that a genetic counseling should be done by two couples before tying the knot. As it can decipher many different problem and also gives a possible solution for those problem. HIV/AIDS treatment during pregnancy is same as that of normal ones however genetic counseling will be a better option.

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    When it comes to treating serious issues during pregnancy, it’s crucial to prioritize both mom’s and baby’s well-being. Conditions like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia require careful monitoring and professional guidance. Timely interventions, proper medication, and lifestyle adjustments play pivotal roles in ensuring a safe pregnancy journey. Seeking expert medical advice and a tailored treatment plan are paramount for a healthy outcome. It was a great post. Appreciate your sharing.
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