Benefits Of Cathodic Protection On Metals

Benefits Of Cathodic Protection On Metals

Corrosion of metals is costing countries a lot in terms of losses incurred. If you are to utilize metals used, they need to be protected from corrosion so they can function optimally. Using cathodic protection, metals that re submerged or buried are protected and can serve for a very long time. If you are planning construction of a submerged metal, it is important to consider corrosion. These may be caused by earth or water. Pipelines such as those used to transport fuel need to be protected especially since they involve heavy financial investments. Anchors used by ship also need to be protected. During construction, you should consider the wet environment so you can be looking for cathodic protection.

Importance of cathodic protection on metals

  • Cathodic protection can easily be monitored. If need be, adjustments can be made to the direct current that is being used.
  • Marine structures are exposed to water and these are bound to corrode thus reducing the life span. If the right protection is given, there structures can last a very long time giving you value for money.
  • Pipes that carry oil and gas do so at very high pressures. It is important to protect these if we do not want loss of revenue due to corrosion. Corrosion also means increased maintenance costs. Cathodic protection comes in handy in this case.
  • Industrialized countries lose approximately 3% and 5% of their GDP to corrosion. This can go to improving the lives of the citizens if corrosion is eliminated or drastically reduced. In this case, cathodic protection comes in handy.
  • Cathodic protection gives users of equipment and machinery, especially those in the marine industry as well as oil drilling firms. You don’t want to find yourself with a sinking boat due to corrosion or a drill that is not functioning well far away from a possible replacement.

The Marine industry should actively employ the use of cathodic protection on its vessels and anchors. There is also the safety issue. Boats need as much protection as possible since they are on water a lot if not always for the large ones. This exposes them to hazardous conditions. You do not want to risk finding out the anchor cannot function properly due to corrosion at a time you need it. Investing in adequate protection of machinery and equipment will be economical in the long run. Cathodic protection offers the right protection that will increase the life span of machines and equipment. The marine industry is in dire need of this technology that will not only save money, but is likely to save lives as well.


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