Sandwiches in Review: The Best Cheeseburger on the Planet

Sandwiches in Review: The Best Cheeseburger on the Planet

On a later excursion to Big Boy, I found something of investment. Like numerous chains, they have another line of higher quality, more unreasonable “restaurant style” burgers. What separates theirs, nonetheless, is the vicinity of a cheeseburger called “The Best Cheeseburger on the Planet.” Friends, that is a striking case to make. I don’t know how anybody might even be in the position to decide, however it indicates at any rate that it might be the best cheeseburger I had ever tasted in all my years. I needed to give it an attempt.

Do your most exceedingly bad, old man

Sadly, it was not the best cheeseburger I had ever had, and in this way likely not the best cheeseburger on the planet. There was nothing the issue with it, in essence. It had a fair patty, cheddar, red onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo, the ordinary admission. There just wasn’t much exceptional about it. It was a cut above definitive higher-close quick nourishment burgers, however there are burgers I’ve assessed on this very online journal I might rank higher than it. Part of it must be the absence of creative energy. Run of the mill luxurious garnishes are fine, however when you’re striving for the title of “Best on the Planet” you need to realize totally new possibilities a tiny bit.

All in all however, it was a really great cheeseburger. It take around $7 I accept, and it was a filling, fulfilling dish. I’d propose it as a cheeseburger when all is said in done. It’s simply that provided that you give a sandwich the strangely particular title of “The Best Cheeseburger on the Planet”, you would be wise to have the capacity to back it like a champ.

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