Military Food

Military Food

Amongst the many things that Napoleon was famous for, his remark that an army marches on its’ stomach is one that still rings absolutely true today. For an army to succeed, good morale is vital. A decent cook is an essential cog in a military force, and British forces are used to receiving some of the best military food on the planet. Alexis Benoist Soyer first invented the portable stove which he introduced to the British Army in an attempt to boost their quality of food. During the Crimean War the French chef ensured that a trained cook was installed in every regiment in order to feed the rest of the troops. Until this point in time every man was responsible for feeding himself, and many troops died from food malnutrition or poisoning.

During the First World War, flour was in short supply in Great Britain, so bread made for the soldiers was made from ground turnips instead. There is no doubt that good food raises the morale of the troops, so it is fortunate that turnips are no longer required to make bread today! Carrots have been a staple part of the British troop’s diet since World War Two when the root vegetable was one of the few food sources that were in plentiful supply. Mothers and serving soldiers were encouraged to use the humble carrot as a substitute for other vegetables which were in scarcer supply.

Today, military troops have it slightly different. On the big army bases in Afghanistan for example, there are outlets for big fast food chain brands such as Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut and Greggs. These franchises are designed to give serving soldiers a taste of home away from home. However, there are some things which simply cannot be found when serving overseas.

That is why the postal service is so important to the military. Post provides a vital physical link between soldiers and the family and friends that they have left behind at home. A Christmas hamper delivery would be an excellent gift for anyone that you know who is serving overseas this year. After all, Christmas gift hampers always go down well with people back home, so just think of the effect that they could have on young men and women who are thousands of miles away from the everyday luxuries that we all take for granted.

There is no doubt that luxury Christmas hampers are perfect for British people living abroad. There is nothing like a taste of home to put a smile on a person’s face. From a hamper full of festive fizz delights, to non-alcoholic options for tee total troops, there is something for everyone amongst the Christmas hamper range. One of the nicest things about a hamper is the fact that its contents can be shared about with the recipient’s friends if they want to be generous. This can have an extremely positive effect on the mood of a patrol, so consider sending a hamper this Christmas.