EDI Drop Shipping Software System For The Supply Chain Of Your Business

EDI Drop Shipping Software System For The Supply Chain Of Your Business

Prominent industry experts say the retail e-commerce business around the world is growing at impressive rates. They predict that this trend is likely to continue in the coming years. They further explain that the internet and social media networking platforms are revolutionizing the way proprietors carry out their business activities in the market.However, they admit is important for entrepreneurs who want to make their mark in this industry to remember they need to find ways to reduce their operating costs in order to be successful. They suggest that these business people take advantage of the latest drop shipping EDI strategies to increase their revenues.


EDI drop shipping software system – How does it streamline your organization’s supply chain?

These experts clarify that implementing an effective EDI drop shipping software system enables you to minimize your organization’s supply chain operating costs to a considerable extent. Such expenses usually relate to holding adequate stock-in-trade, warehousing of such inventory, packaging, distribution and shipping. Under this mechanism, you simply send the customer orders and relevant shipping information to your wholesaler. This businessperson then takes on the responsibility of delivering the merchandise to your customers’ doorstep. Moreover, you can offer attractive discounts to your customers because of such cost savings to boost your sales.They also point out the following 4 ways such system can actually streamline your establishment’s existing supply-chain:

  1. This EDI system helps you to exchange relevant electronic documents related to on-hand inventory between your manufacturer or wholesaler. This enable you to send necessary on-time accurate information about the availability of products your customers wish to purchase to them in real time. It also informs the supplier to dispatch such goods to the doorsteps of such individuals when they place their orders with you.
  2. You may be aware that the purchase order and the customer invoice are the most common documents entrepreneurs in the retail business need to prepare and deal with. However, another important document proprietors need to prepare electronically in a drop shipping supply chain is the ‘Purchase Order Acknowledgment’. It informs the buyer that the vendor in the process of dispatching the products he/she orders. This drop shipping EDI system ensure proper generation of this document and online its delivery to your customers.
  3. When some of the products your customers order requires a long lead time, this drop shipping EDI system enable you to generate an ‘Order Status Report’. This is document that inform them on the status and progress of their orders.
  4. When your supplier dispatches your customers orders, he/she will send you a document known as ‘Advance ship notice’ via this drop shipping EDI system. You can use the tracking number and relevant dispatch data on this document to inform your customers when their merchandise will reach their doorsteps.

As an entrepreneur owning a retail business, you depend on your drop shipping supply chain to improve the efficiency and profitability of your organization. Investing in an effective EDI drop shipping software system can help you to achieve this objective. It enables you to reduce your operating costs and enhance customer service. This goes a long way in helping you enhance your client base in the market.

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