What Does Australia Direct Entry Stream Visa Aim At

What Does Australia Direct Entry Stream Visa Aim At

In Australia, the competent Governmental agency i.e. Department of Immigration and Border Protection introduced a simplified and perfectly categorised system of Direct entry Stream Visa to ease the process lawfully and more quickly. The principal objective of this immigration and visa stream is only to meet the need of the paid overseas workers in the organisation or company actively operating from and within the regional areas of Australia. The foreign nationals working or applied for employment in cities like Melbourne and Sydney etc. also will be the beneficiary of this Direct entry Stream visa as well as the employers of them.

Interested Employers usually opt for the Direct Entry stream visa Australia if they want to nominate a worker to fill a position if:

  • The same vacancy cannot be reasonably filled among the local labours
  • The terms and conditions of employment offered for ENS at par with Australian citizens must be for the same job in that particular region
  • The occupation is available for the applicant for at least two years according to the legislative instruments acts and scheme

Conditions for Applying Visa in the Direct Entry Stream

There are some pre-conditions you must follow at the time of the application for visa under the Direct Entry stream of ENS Scheme

  • You must attach a skill assessment with your application at the time of application only.
  • In absence of the skills assessment with your application it will summarily be rejected
  • Your application Curriculum Vitae (CV) should be complete in all respect without ambiguity
  • Attach the legible copies of all qualifications and work experience
  • Copies of registration, licence or authenticated proof of professional membership in support of your occupation
  • Document that specifies the type of registration or licensing you are holding with the complete Title or Name and contact details issuing of the registration or licensing authority
  • Documents which can prove that you are eligible enough to meet the criterion set by the Australian authorities for that registration or licence etc. as per requirement
  • Applicant must be maximum 45 years of age

English Language Skills

The result of a specific English language test is meant to show that you have knowledge of at least competent English. The result should be less than three years from the date of lodging your application


Exemptions applied in the following sectors


  • In Age

If you are nominated by an Australian government scientific agency, including State and Territory government scientific agencies as a scientist, researcher or technical specialist

  • New Zealand citizens

Members of any family unit of New Zealand citizens those are even non-New Zealand citizen

  • In Skill
  • You are nominated as an academic by a university in Australia, a scientist, researcher or technical specialist by an Australian government scientific agency, including State and Territory government scientific agencies
  • You have worked with your nominating employer in the nominated occupation for the last two years (excluding unpaid leave period) in the period of three years before the visa application lodged.

There is no exemption for English language competency in Australia direct entry stream visa

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