Benefits of Sou Vide Cooking

Benefits of Sou Vide Cooking

Sou Vide is an advanced method of cooking wherein the food is sealed properly in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch and after that is placed in a temperature-controlled environment of steam or in a water bath for a longer time period (1-7 hours or at times up to 48 hours) than the normal cooking time. The temperature is much lower than what would actually be used to cook in normal cooking for approximately around 55 to 60-degree centigrade for meat and even higher for the vegetables.

The main idea behind this is to cook the food evenly while making sure that the insides are cooked properly too without being overcooked on the outside and retains moisture too. This would provide enhanced textures, tenderness and flavours along with several other benefits.

Enhanced Flavours

As the food is being cooked in a vacuum-sealed pouch, it does not lose its juices or flavours through the grate or into the drip pan. This ensures that the food is cooked in its natural juices which help in enhancing its flavour.

Tastier and Healthier Food

When the food is cooked using the sou vide technique, the food doesn’t lose its original form or dehydrate while being cooked. The original flavour, weight, aroma and the natural color of the food are retained thereby making the food tastier. Also, because of the enhanced flavours, very little salt is required. The vitamins and minerals are also not lost in the cooking process unlike in the traditional method of steaming or boiling making the food healthier too.

Very Convenient

The food in this method is cooked precisely and gently in a controlled temperature thereby ensuring that the food cannot overcook in any circumstance even if you get distracted. Also, once the food has been cooked it lasts for a really long time.

Say Goodbye to Chewy, Burnt or Undercooked Food

In the traditional cooking methods like pan frying, often the food seems to be cooked nicely on the outside but remains raw on the inside. This means that if one tries to cook it till it is done on the inside, would lead to overcooking or burnt food. But, with the method of sou vide, you can be entirely sure that the food is cooked evenly from the outside as well on the inside. It is because the food is being cooked at a low temperature for a long time which can be seared afterward if required. Also, it is kind of impossible for a food to overcook in a water bath.

Saves Time While Providing Consistent Results

This method literally takes a few minutes to properly season and seal the food. After that, all you need to do is set the required temperature and then put the food pouches in the water bath. The food may cook there depending upon its type for 30 minutes or as long as up to three days. Also, as the food is being cooked in a controlled temperature, it allows a person to cook the same dish over and over again while achieving consistent results.

It is probably one of the best ways to cook food which reduces wastage and helps to ensure that the food is perfect in all ways.

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