A Definitive Guide To The Divine City Of Puri

A Definitive Guide To The Divine City Of Puri

The Hindu Char Dham Yatra is fragmented without visiting the blessed city of Puri. A vital social center point in the Eastern India’s state of Odisha, Puri is home to the most commended and famous sanctuary of Lord Jagannath. The city of Puri witnesses a superb display of the Rath Yatra every year and the number of people that pour in from around the nation to witness this grand spectacle is simply outstanding. Take a heavenly excursion to this unique and wondrous city. 

How to Reach?

Via Air: Since Puri does not have its own air terminal, the most favored airplane terminal is the Bhubaneshwar Airport, which is somewhere in the range of 53 km far from Puri. Take a taxi to reach Puri from the air terminal.

By Rail: Puri’s own Puri Railway Station has trains plying regularly to the major cities of the nation.


Since Puri has sees a huge number of visitors consistently every year, the lodgings in Puri are in plenitude. Whether it is a swanky five star lodging, an opulent resort, a budget hotel, or even the very trending Oyo rooms Puri, the city has each one of them with fitting facilities. Search for the right pick, leaning more towards the ones that are in close vicinity to the significant attractions of the city.

Vital Spots

The temple of Lord Jagannath, which has been struck more than 18 times by Hindu and Muslim rulers before, is the focal point of Puri’s social, cultural, and financial aspect. The economy of Puri depends 80% on tourism which streams in most extreme amid the Rath Yatra celebrations at the Jagannath Temple. Constructed in Kalinga style of architecture, with five chariots’ sort of structure, the temple of Jagannath draws in devotees from the nation over and abroad.

Another vital point of interest is the Pancha Tirtha, or the five spots of bathing that complete the journey in Puri. The five spots – The Indradyumana Tank, The Rohini Kund, The Markandeya Tank, The Shwetganga Tank, and the Mahodadhi are an inevitable part of the journey to Puri.

The other two critical spots are the Swargadwara and the Gundicha Temple, or the Garden House of Jagannath. These two are justified regardless of a visit and hold religious significance in Puri.

Rath Yatra

Rathyatra is the most stupendous celebration held in Puri, which is commended amid the months of June or July consistently at the Jagannath Temple. The huge chariots in sanctuary like structures which are pulled all through the avenues by ropes by people from all walks of life from across the nation and overseas, make for a dazzling spectacle. The Rath Yatra 2016 will be held from 5th to 6th July’ 2016. Try and plan the trip somewhere around this time.

Other Cultural Aspects

Aside from the religious viewpoint, Puri is enriched with a rich social legacy. The Sand Art, Applique Art, Odissi Dance, and the Puri Beach Festival, all structure an inescapable piece of the legacy of Puri. These angles are of most extreme significance and one ought to encounter these when going by Puri.

So organize the jaunt to Puri as indicated by the celebration season in this city so that the glory of this place can be seen and experienced in real. Go ahead, scan through the various Puri hotels, book, and cherish this religious adventure for life.