Why Selling On Amazon Is Way Better Than Selling On Ebay

Why Selling On Amazon Is Way Better Than Selling On Ebay

Amazon and eBay are two of the most popular and largest e-commerce websites.

This is the reason why sellers often find themselves lost since they cannot make up their minds whether they should be selling on Amazon vs eBay. On top of that, they also ask themselves which site would allow them to make more money. Is it Amazon or is it eBay?

Well, the answer is obviously Amazon and for the following reasons:

Amazon has better features for its sellers

Compared to eBay, Amazon offers tons of features that are designed for sellers. On top of this, Amazon also offers a lot of benefits to its sellers that allow both parties to make a lot of dough at the end of each transaction.

Amazon treads the extra mile and goes out of its ways to make sure that its sellers are making profits at an exponential rate. They do this by assisting its sellers with tried and tested digital marketing tools that result in increased sales of products.

‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ feature is a boon for a seller!

Amazon’s ‘Fulfilled By Amazon’ feature allows its sellers to take a breather since this particular feature makes it easy for the seller to conduct business. Amazon makes sure that the products from its seller’s inventory are shipped to warehouses owned by Amazon.

This feature is not at all offered by eBay.

The result is simple – the overall process of product handling, shipping is cut short thus allowing a seller to deliver consignments to its customer way before the set deadline!

Amazon has a simple plan for its sellers compared to eBay

Amazon offers two distinct and carefully designed plans for its sellers:

  • A professional plan – If you choose this plan, you will be able to sell more than forty products in a month. All you would need to pay Amazon is a small fee of USD 39.99 per month along with other selling fees.
  • An individual plan: If you choose this plan, you will be able to sell forty products per month at a small fee for Amazon which is USD 0.99 per month along with other selling fees.

eBay, on the other hand, does not have a simple fee structure.

eBay charges for every listing in the form of:

  • Insertion fee – for every product you list.
  • Feature fee – in case you are planning to add content to attract customers for your listing.
  • Final value fee for each item sold.
  • The company also charges its seller for shipping expenses as well!

Customers enjoy a better buying experience on Amazon

Unlike the buying experience on eBay, customers have time and again come forward with their awesome buying experience from Amazon.

Amazon is often praised by its sellers and their customers alike for its impressive user-friendly website design. It has a single click checkout option and an impressive processing infrastructure that promotes seamless returns and refunds.

Even after reading all the information shared in the above sections, if you are still unsure about becoming an Amazon seller, it would be best if you list yourself as a seller in both the sites. In this way, you will be able to see firsthand why being an Amazon seller is way better than being a seller on eBay.

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