Why Being Overweight Massively Affects Your Hearts Health

Why Being Overweight Massively Affects Your Hearts Health

Obesity is one of the major factors depleting the health of people, earlier it was generally seen in people of old age and adults, nowadays young children are seen dealing with obesity too. The only reason for this is the poor lifestyle of people of this generation, further leading to many acute and chronic diseases in people of all age groups. One of the major chronic diseases among these is an increasing number of heart attacks eventually leading to hearts failure being the number one cause of death these days. Is it that difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet?

Cholesterol Levels

One can start leading a healthy lifestyle by cultivating the habit of walking and a regular lifestyle. Generation Z is known for its passion for junk food. We can afford not to eat healthy food, don’t say a word about those fried foods or I’ll stop talking to you all. Isn’t it the truce we all like to have with millennials? But let’s see the other side of the story, junk food or being overweight in general increases the thick substance referred to as cholesterol in your blood. I know you’ll say cholesterol is good for health, it even decreases the rate of heart failure. Cholesterols are of two types good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, where good cholesterol does the transportation of fats to the liver bad cholesterol develops fatty deposits in your blood and blocks the arteries, this start from the heart blocking of the mitral valve known as mitral stenosis which is the leading reason of heart failure.

Blood Pressure

An unhealthy lifestyle leads to stress in people, and in the era where the workload is already quite a bit we people keep on adding the chunk on our already burdened shoulders, leading to burnout, problems of hypertension, high blood pressure, migraines, and to depression also. High blood pressure has become common in gen Z, people find you abnormal if you don’t have high BP, jokes apart this is not at all good for the health of your heart. One thing I have seen in Gen Z is that we people want quick work in every domain, patience is not our strong pursuit. No doubt we people are known for our work ethic, and multitasking but the cost of our health. High blood pressure leads to the heart pumping more blood, with us not eating healthy diets and having a ridiculous lifestyle there is a major effect on our blood vessels or should I say valves of the hearts. Another condition due to which we face the problem of mitral stenosis is leakage through the mitral valve, which is caused due to low muscular strength and high blood pressure.

Having a strong work ethic is one of the stronger pursuits of gen Z but at the same time we need to maintain our stress levels, and a healthy lifestyle, so let’s take a pledge that we’ll maintain a healthy lifestyle, we owe that much to ourselves. One Out of five is facing cardio disease these days. What’s the purpose of having a Work ethic if in the end we’re not able to enjoy our sheer hard work? Take an hour or two outside your Billionaire schedules and work on having a good lifestyle, let’s start by taking baby steps.