What Do EIS Shares Mean To Me?

What Do EIS Shares Mean To Me?

Enterprise investment schemes have emerged as a boon for the business world. It is particularly true for small businesses or firms or those planning to kick start their business operations but lack the funds that they need. Almost all parts of the business world are impacted by this scheme as it is beneficial for all concerned. Many people wonder what EIS schemes or shares mean to them. Let us now have a brief discussion about some of the important facts related to this scheme.

Great Way To Help Raise Funds For Your Firm

The wonderful investment in the form of EIS shares is a great way to help raise funds for your firm. It means these shares allow you to get the funds that you need as a company, firm or start-up from prospective investors. For this, you may need to look around for the investors that may be interested in making investments in your business venture or firm.

Get A Share In A New Start-Up Or Company

Getting shares under the EIS schemes means that you get a share in a new start-up or a company that you have chosen for investment purposes. Being an investor, you may have selected a firm or company that may appeal to you from a growth perspective and choose to invest in it by attaining shares through the EIS scheme. It means you become a shareholder in the given company.

Awesome Way To Get Tax Relief

Being a part of the EIS scheme allows you to get great relief on taxes. You can get relief on your income tax, federal tax and even some other types of taxes depending upon the state to which you belong. The tax reliefs may vary from state to state, business to business and depending upon other factors. What is notable and worthwhile in this case is that you get tax relief for sure.

An Additional Source Of Income

The shares attained by way of the EIS scheme serve as a source of additional income for you. You may get profit returns on the specific shares that you hold in the given company or firm. With the passage of time and the growth of the company, you may even expand your share which again adds to your income.

Let You Save Some Money

The EIS shares also let you save some money in the form of tax reliefs and other concessions that you get. What more can you expect from any investment scheme?

This was all about the EIS investment program that can benefit investors as well as companies in numerous ways. It can be compared to a two-way deal where investors, as well as the firms that are being invested, are benefitted as their respective purposes are served well through this amazing investment scheme.