Things You Need To Know About Immigration Spouse Visa

Things You Need To Know About Immigration Spouse Visa

Immigration has been a part of human life since ages, and in modern days also this trend is not yet changed. There are many people who love to move to a different land where they can have a better life, career, and business opportunity. Considering this fact the modern countries have set some rules and norms as per which one who wants to immigrate to another country needs to seek a visa, an official permission from the authority of that country.

If you are residing in any of these countries – USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong or Germany, and looking for immigration rules, only an agency can help. Especially, if you are married to a foreign national or going to marry and settle outside your country, you need to know about spouse visa immigration rules. It will enable you to learn about the requirements before you apply for immigrating to another country.

What do you mean by spouse visa?

You may refer it to as marriage visa, as it allows you to immigrate to another country along with your spouse or married partner, living in there. Your partner might be residing in that country due to citizenship or job purpose, but if you want to move in there with him/her, you need to apply for spouse visa first. It will grant you permission to travel to your partner’s country and stay there as a resident.

Requirements of Spouse Visa

For example, if you are married to someone who is a resident of another country, and you want to move in with your partner, you need to apply for a spouse visa. In order to make the procedure successful, you need to check whether you and your spouse are eligible to immigrate to the foreign country and fulfill all the required criteria.

In general, to qualify for spouse or marriage visa, the following requirements are to be satisfied by you:

Both your spouse and you must be 18 years old or above, and your relationship is genuine and continuing in nature.

You have already met each other in person and are in a legally married relationship.

You both are intending to live with each other on a permanent basis.

You should have enough financial support for yourselves so that you don’t have to claim on public funds.

Your sponsoring spouse or partner must earn above a certain income range per year so that he/she can have enough savings to support and sponsor you.

If you also have dependent children, your minimum financial requirement may increase based on your country of residence.

You must arrange for a proper accommodation facility for you, your partner and any other dependants.

You must also fulfill the basic English knowledge requirement for communication.

You must also meet the health and character criteria requirements.

At an official agent, you will get all the detailed information on immigration spouse visa requirements, as per your country of choice. You will be assisted with immigration consultation for successful application procedure.

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