Some Tips To Look Photogenic!

Some Tips To Look Photogenic!

I hate to be clicked because every time I click myself I don’t look good, after looking at my photographs I feel like deleting them, if my friends tag me I prefer to untag myself.  I am feeling depressed, I hate myself, I don’t look good. If you are feeling the same, then I assure you after reading this post your perception will be changed.  Here are some small tricks to look photogenic in your photographs.


Bring you with happy thoughts in a happy mood so that you do not only smile with mouth rather your eyes should also b smiling. This is very important so that your face does not appear mask-like on the photo.

Real makeup

Makeup plays an important role in clicking. A good foundation is the key to success – and dark circles you should definitely disappear with concealer. But beware! Lipstick you not stronger than usual, but simply emphasizes the eyes and mouth – lips outwards slightly brighter, slightly darker in the middle. Use powder for matting, so that your skin does not shine and thus acts greasy.

The right clothes

The clothes you should to wild patterns, horizontal stripes and the colors red, white and black without, as these colors make for strong contrasts and red is often captured by digital cameras not so good. Green and brown tones indicate flatter the complexion.

Find your best side

Displays the photographer your best side. If you still do not know which is which, it previously checked quickly with a digital camera: Let make photos of you, once left, once right and then compares. So – now you know the best side and you know of course that their preferred this side moves in front of the camera!

Correct body posture

Relaxes you! And never look head-on into the lens but – even with full body shots – only three-quarters. When standing, you can offer your weight on one leg then relocate – old model trick for a slimmer silhouette.

Be relaxed

Real secret tip models to look good in photos is easy lift head, pushing his chin slightly forward and breathe in and out through the mouth. So you get a relaxed look.

Light for photographing

The best light for a great photo is indirect light.


Let the photographer never too close to get close to you an adequate distance of about two meters approx is considered the best distance.

I am sure you will keep these points in mind when next time you will pose for somebody. I certainly believe that your snaps will be better than before. Please do share your experience.