Single Phases Or 3-Phase – Which Air Conditioner Would Be Perfect For Your Home?

Single Phases Or 3-Phase – Which Air Conditioner Would Be Perfect For Your Home?

Air conditioning technology has been widely accepted by people all over the world. Just like refrigerators or television, air conditioners have taken an important place in the household electric appliances and have turned out to be a necessity.


Houses are now having ACs with more cooling capacity rather than the stereotypical ones like window and split ACs. It’s the era of Ductable and cassette based air conditioning models delivering more efficiency and better cooling. However, many people are confused on which one can be best for them. If you too are one of them, read on and get your confusions resolved.

Issues Related with Higher Efficiency Air Conditioners

Air conditioners have higher efficiency and that is obviously due their power consumption ability. Some air conditioners use 3 phase power supply while others have variants with either single phase power supply or triple phase power supply air conditioners. The air conditioners having capacity varying between 3-8 tons is relatively confined to have this doubt. On the other hand, the air conditioners having capacity more than 8 tones have to use 3 phase supplies anyhow.

So, to all the fellow hotels, restaurant and showroom owners having total air conditioning capacity less than 10 tons, this one’s for you. The following section will make you realize what can be right option for you.

Why to Use 3 Phase equipped air conditioners?

  • Power Saver

Well if you are a Voltas air conditioner user, you might know what it really makes your wife spend more on yearly shopping bills. To the rest, if you still haven’t understood, then it’s the cost factor! 3 phase equipment save up to 40% on your air conditioning bills as compared to the single-phase equipment

  • Lesser chances to increase the service or maintenance bills

The 3-phase equipment have comparatively less circuit inside as its motor is efficient of generating more torque in the beginning. Less of circuit means less components and that is the bang shot to take.

  • Higher efficiency

The equipment’s, which supports the 3-phase run are having longer period to rest at home and provide you their services. Yes, they have continuous electricity flow which makes them vibrate and irritate you a little less. Along with reduction in vibration, there is less wear and tear. As the machine faces less wear and tear, it actually runs longer!

Technical aspects

The ones who are still hazy over deciding, here’s to why you should switch over from your regular split or window AC to a 3-phase heavy module. If your air conditioning usage is for longer periods, then 3 phase modules is the right choice. These are often suggested by the dealers with the same tagline mentioned above. Given the details, some necessary requirements are –

  • Well planned outlet supply.
  • Availability of 3 phase supply
  • Availability of additional equipments.

Thus, to prefer Mitashi Air Conditioners for your industrial or commercial business unit will be the right choice if you stay up with the above-mentioned availabilities. Air conditioners with 3 phase modules are not suggested for houses as it might turn out to be a little heavier to your pockets.

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