Simons Group Selected To Start Project To Build New Nuffield Hospital In Cambridge

Simons Group Selected To Start Project To Build New Nuffield Hospital In Cambridge

The logistics of any building project can be tough, but when it comes to medical facilities, there are a range of additional complications to consider. For example, it is vital that these constructions are conducive to high levels of hygiene and they must be capable of containing high-tech medical equipment.

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Firm wins new contract

One company that is well aware of the complexities associated with building medical facilities is the Simons Group. Recently, the firm secured a £12.9 million contract to construct a new Nuffield Hospital in Cambridge. The group was selected because of its experience in hospital building and because of its awareness of the need to keep noise levels down.

The latter point is important because the existing hospital, which is located on Trumpington Road, will remain open while the new version is created. In addition, the hospital is situated in a quiet residential area, with private gardens backing onto the site and a school directly across the road.

Work on the site is expected to start immediately and the construction phase is likely to get underway in April. It is due to be completed in March 2015. When finished, the hospital will have a total of 36 inpatient beds, day case beds, a day case oncology department and an outpatient department with 16 consulting rooms. It will also feature a diagnostic imaging department with two X-ray rooms, a physiotherapy department and three theatres.

A spokesman for Nuffield claimed that the new medical centre will contain the most advanced equipment and will be a flagship facility.

Extremely proud 

Commenting on his organisation’s success in winning the contract, Simons chairman Paul Hodgkinson remarked: “We are extremely proud and delighted to be working with Nuffield Health on such an important project. We now look forward to working with Nuffield, the consultant team and all project stakeholders to deliver the vision of a state-of-the-art, world class facility that will improve patient care for this and future generations.”

Meanwhile, hospital leader Maxine Estop added: “It has been a long process, reaching the conclusion to appoint Simons. Building excellence of course is paramount, but the contractor had to understand and be able to relate to the specific nature of the site and its physical context. We are satisfied that Simons fully understands these. Our patients, staff and neighbours deserve consistent consideration which we are confident Simons will provide.”

Seeking the best 

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Cutting corners and opting for sub-standard solutions could lead to a whole range of problems and it is bad news for patients. Thankfully, there are plenty of top-class products available for companies to make the most of.

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