Silent Alarm – An Intelligent Way To Improve Your Building Security

Silent Alarm – An Intelligent Way To Improve Your Building Security

It is important to uphold the security of a place. Security is needed for all places, be it residential or business-related. However, it is impossible to have a watch guard taking care of the place since humans are erroneous. You can take care of this error by installing security machines like CCTV cameras. However, a CCTV camera will merely monitor unfaithful activities and not stop them. Therefore you need to involve both manuals and technological ideas to save your place from such heinous activities. A silent alarm will certainly do the job for you.

What is a silent alarm?

A silent alarm is a kind of alarm that will alarm some central control office whenever there is some security breach. If the burglars enter your house, the chances are high that they will overpower you. Moreover, if you ring a normal alarm, then they will come to know about it. They might cause more harm to you in their defense or vindictiveness. You would prefer to carefully inform your security control office about the burglary without them knowing about it. In that case, you will need a silent alarm.

How does a silent alarm work?

The silent alarm works in the same principle as that of the normal alarm. A push-button will set it on. However, such buttons will be placed in a concealed chamber, and only you will have access to it. The alarm bell connected to it will be located in the main security control office. When the alarm rings, only the security personnel will come to know about it. Such push buttons are also called panic buttons.

Why do you need a silent alarm?

The main purpose of having tight security is to protect you. Capturing the burglars and the thieves come second in the priority list. You might have a normal alarm system that will call the security guards, but the burglars can harm you in the process. To hide the fact that you are calling the security guards, you must install a silent alarm. In this way, the burglars will not get intimidated by any alarm, and your belongings will also be safe.

The Duress code- an alternative way

Even if you have a normal alarm associated with a code, you can install a duress code into your alarm. The normal code might turn off the alarm, but a Duress code will turn off the alarm but notify the security. The burglars might be content with you (since you have turned off the alarm) and can even release you from being hostages. In the meantime, the security people will barge into the place and catch the burglars. As a result, both your belongings as well as you will be saved.

As stated earlier, your safety is a top priority for the security system at your place, along with your belongings. Installing a silent alarm or a normal alarm with the Duress code will help you protect yourself from the hand of burglars. If your security people are quick, then your belongings will also get saved!