Lockers And The New School Year

Lockers And The New School Year

With the new school year finally under way, it may seem a strange time to think about making changes, but in reality it may actually be the perfect time to make focussed and relevant alterations to processes and even to the layout of the premises.

With admissions rising and with technology playing a greater part in both teaching and learning all the time, it is likely that many schools have changed dramatically over the last few years and that the needs of both children and teachers have changed with them. In turn, as the new school year starts it may be the perfect time to see which processes are now outdated and which may simply need to be refined.

One change that will undoubtedly need to be made at some point is in terms of how storage lockers are used and even the type of locker solution that is used in general. Since many students will use less paper as technological advancements continue, it may well be that smaller locker units are needed to help them keep their work and personal effects safe.

As technology changes, students will also no doubt end up bringing more expensive equipment with them onto the school premises. Whether this is allowed or not, if students do not have somewhere to store such items safely, they are more likely to be used when they should not be, and may also simply be more at risk from theft, something that could lead to many problems for children, parents and teachers alike.

At the same time that less storage may be needed by students, increasing admission levels may well be dictating that greater space needs to be freed up throughout the school. As such, by reducing the size of locker units, school premises may be able to better cope with the rising number of individuals and may, at the very same time, simply look far more attractive too.

As the items that are being stored in lockers become more expensive, security will also be an issue and newer units are likely to be far safer than their older relatives, ensuring not only that belongings remain safe, but also that vandalism does not have to compromise the structural safety or the aesthetics of the lockers you have on your premises.

Of course, locker units will always be extremely important, and not just to keep personal effects safe. Instead, having somewhere to store belongings will also make it far easier for students to carry only what they need when they need it, ensuring they are less likely to forget items by constantly having to take them home and even that they avoid developing back problems by constantly having to carry around heavy bags.

The latter point is extremely important, and the healthier students are, the more likely they are to concentrate. Furthermore, without storage for their belongings, some students may feel the need to always carry every single item they might ever need for fear of forgetting something and in turn getting detentions they do not feel they deserve.

In short, the importance of locker units should not be overlooked. However, by choosing modern options, schools may be able to create more space, improve aesthetics and reduce the chances of vandalism all at the same time as offering their students a safe place to store all their most important items.

About the author – Sharon Fraser is an online writer from the UK and enjoys writing about home and workplace interiors and how to improve them. She is a regular visitor to and often uses their site as inspiration.