Leaflet Printing Without The Expense

Leaflet Printing Without The Expense

Marketing often presents dilemmas for small businesses. Funds are limited, but without promotion they just aren’t going to reach new customers. Who is going to buy if the company just doesn’t have any kind of visibility. Thankfully there are plenty of easy and low cost marketing techniques that get results.

So how best to invest that precious marketing budget? The buzz might be around technology and social media, but that’s to say some of the old methods aren’t relevant here. There’s a good reason why businesses still use leaflet drops. They work! A well designed leaflet with good copy is a great way to promote a business, special event or sale. They can put in with newspapers or delivered hand to hand out on the high street. Either way they offer good reach for a small outlay. Maybe it’s time to give a leaflet campaign a try?

Small businesses understandably watch every penny. Chances are they don’t have the luxury of dedicated in house marketing expertise and resource. They have to watch the budget and they don’t have much time to devote to organising the printing and collection of the leaflets, which is why online leaflet printing makes perfect sense.

Getting them done online saves time and money. It’s really simple and cost effective too. So how does it work? Artwork and text are submitted and uploaded online. Then the printing company takes care of the rest. In next to no time they’ll run off the order and post the finished leaflets back ready for distribution. Then it’s time to get to work. Hitting the streets or getting in touch with local papers to get the message out there.

The spend and returns that are achievable make this a particularly appealing form of marketing. Combine this with the fact that online printers offer such competitive rates and speedy turn around, make this a compelling option for small business owners. A little investment in leaflets can have a huge payback in terms of new orders and sales. It’s the ideal way to get the message out there without having to spend a fortune or come up with complicated marketing plans and strategies.

Cheap leaflet printing is making this form of marketing more affordable than ever before. Business owners will be surprised when they ask for a quote. It’s remarkable just how far that limited budget will stretch. It’s a lot of potential reach for the money.

Leaflet printing services are changing. There’s no need to call around local printers for quotes that might not offer the best value for money. There’s a lower cost solution online. A complete end to end service that’s fast and efficient. Getting the message out there doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There’s still plenty of mileage in traditional techniques. They’re tried and tested after all.

Without a compelling promotional message customers just won’t know what they’re missing out on. Get noticed and reap the rewards. Leaflets are more affordable than ever and they still work.

About the author – Richard Phelps blogs regularly about marketing and has written extensively about printing for various sites including Peanut Print.