Know About Medical Malpractice And Its Ramifications

Know About Medical Malpractice And Its Ramifications

Doctors and Hospitals are normally considered to be very responsible and caring. But the fact is, nothing in this world is perfect. This fact applies to medical practitioners as well. Usually, doctors and nurses are associated with healing but there is such a thing as medical injury. With the increasing number of medical institutes and professionals, there has been an increase in medical malpractice. Please read further to learn more about what medical malpractice is and what you should know about it.


What is Medical Malpractice?

The medical professionals are expected to give high standards of care to the patients. Because the patients are paying to be healed. But not only that, patient entrusts the doctors and nurses with his or her life. If the patient happens to get injured during the medical practice by the professionals that condition is called medical malpractice. This can lead to some serious damage to the patient’s health. But obviously, the authorities can’t be blamed for everything wrong that happens to the patient. The next paragraph explains everything that can be considered for medical malpractice.

Different Types Of It

We have narrowed down to basic 5 types of medical errors that could occur due to negligence and or incompetence of the authority.

  • Error In Diagnosis: As the name of suggests, this type is based on diagnosis errors. This is when a doctor was not able to diagnose a disease or symptoms of a disease, which has now led to the serious condition of the patient or either death. Whereas, a doctor with the same set of skills and speciality would have diagnosed it and handled it better.
  • Injuries During Childbirth: This section is serious as an injury to fetus whilst childbirth could remain for rest of the baby’s life. If any error in taking care of mother or diagnosis of any diseases that might transfer to the child.
  • Errors In Medication: The prescription of any medicine is very important. Two patients might be taking same medicine but in the different dosage. If a doctor isn’t able to prescribe the medicine correctly or the nurse administers it incorrectly. It is a case of medical malpractice.
  • Errors In Anesthesia: Any carelessness with anaesthesia can lead to serious damage to patients health. This can lead the patient to ICU or paralysis or even death.
  • Errors in Surgery: if a doctor or nurse makes any mistake in the operation theatre due to negligence and unprofessionalism. Which has now compromised patients health then this condition comes under medical malpractice.

What Action Can You Take Against It?  

There are a couple of things you should do before actually taking an action. The first and foremost thing to do is to contact the doctor involved. Talk to him about your condition and ask for his help. It is advised to finish the matter outside the court as these cases are time and money consuming. Now if the contacting the medical professional isn’t working then contacting the relevant medical licensing board and taking the case to the court is recommended.

Such mistake of a professional leading to medical injury directly points at the incompetence of governing authority. It is advised to hire a good lawyer to tackle such cases that can help you provide justice.

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