How To Use An Agricultural Sprayer Most Effectively In The Fields?

How To Use An Agricultural Sprayer Most Effectively In The Fields?

Spraying certain types of liquids is important and necessary to promote the good growth of crops and protect the same against the attack of harmful pests. For this, you need to use the agricultural sprayers effectively meant for the said task. Below are the key points that may let you serve this task well.

Make Sure You Have Chosen The Right Sprayer

Before you get started with the process of spraying in your field, it is important to choose the right and the best-suited Cooper Pegler sprayer or other types of sprayers that you have. You need to take into account the tank size, nozzle size, mode of working of the sprayer and so on. It lets you use the sprayer quite conveniently and effectively to fulfil your unique needs well.

Reduce Nozzle Pressure

To make sure that larger-sized drops are produced by the nozzle of the sprayer that you are using, you need to reduce the nozzle pressure. When pressure is reduced then the size of the drops gets increased automatically. Thus you may let more and more liquid be sprayed to reach the crops in less time. Also, it saves your time as bigger-sized drops cover a larger field area within a short time.

Keep In Mind The Wind Speed And Temperature

While getting started with the process of spraying into your fields, you need to keep in mind the speed of the wind and temperature at that particular time of the day. You are advised to choose a day when wind speed is slow and temperature is also low. It is because high wind speed may cause the liquid drops to drift away to other nearby areas. Likewise, a higher temperature means quicker evaporation of the liquids being sprayed in the form of drops. Thus you need to be mindful of the climatic conditions when getting started with the spraying process in your fields.

Clean The Tank When Switching Between Liquids

If you have to spray multiple liquids into the fields then you must clean the tank after every usage and change of the liquids. It helps in ruling out contamination of liquids with each other.

Follow The Instructions Given On The Sprayer Labels

You may use the Cooper Pegler sprayer in the best manner possible by following the instructions given on the sprayer labels. Hence you are advised to read and follow the instructions properly and thoroughly.

This way you may use an agricultural sprayer in a very effective manner to spray pesticides, insecticides or other types of liquids into your fields.  Use of the right and best agricultural sprayer in an appropriate manner allows you to get the desired results and hence protect your crops to ensure a good yield.