How To Get The Smile You Want With Expert Orthodontics

How To Get The Smile You Want With Expert Orthodontics

Everyone wants to have a lovely smile, isn’t it?

But over time, the shine and colour of your teeth fade mainly due to tooth decay, any gum disease. Another reason that brings a change in your smile is age or dental condition as your teeth are exposed to a lot of use daily that deteriorates its condition.

This guide will help to know various treatments available at orthodontist London to change your smile and improve dental health.

  1.     The crown portion

Your faded or damaged teeth can get healthier and stronger with the dental crown that can change your smile. It is put over the existing tooth to give extra strength and improve the tooth’s appearance in case of damage or in a root canal therapy. There are varieties of materials, including porcelain or metal, from which you can easily make a dental crown. Most Orthodontists use porcelain because that’s the closest match to your other teeth colour to maintain uniformity, and it takes 1 to 2 days only to put a crown.

  1.     Graft

Grafting is an extreme step where-in the full tooth is changed; this can affect the way you eat or even speak. Oral grafting is basically putting a titanium material post to support the crown portion to give more strength to your teeth. It is an artificial tooth. Grafting cannot be done to people with medical conditions like diabetes or any oral health problems.

  1.     The Dental bridge

The dental bridge basically fills the gap between the teeth that joins two crowns. It is also known as false teeth. Oral bridges are a better option if there is filling in the teeth near the vacant portion; it will require crowns.

  1.     Teeth coating

Dental veneers are a thin coating for your teeth to correct the fading or and tooth cracks. Orthodontist London can suggest which veneer is suitable for you as per your requirement. It can be treated as an alternative to the teeth whitening process. If the problem is serious, your orthodontist will suggest an alternative action.

  1.     Whitening

A tooth bleaching is a process by which you can restore the colour of your faded teeth or yellow stains by the use of a bleaching agent.  An orthodontist can do it or do it at home with the help of a whitening kit that includes a tray and a whitening gel. This is just a temporary solution to discoloration of your teeth for serious issues and talk to your orthodontist.

Talk to orthodontist London to replace your smile. Get in touch with the professionals to get answers to your queries.