Food Shopping Abroad: What To Check For

Rarely, you will find tourists travelling abroad and not indulging in food shopping. During this activity, you look for certain elements like labelling, ingredients presents, instructions and more. If you are a food producer, you should know how vital food labelling is. It is just not a legal requirement, rather an important piece of information that will help a consumer to make a wise decision.

Whether you supply to supermarkets or restaurants abroad, label translation is required to make it easy for all travellers of different ethnicity to understand what the packet is all about. Several companies offer this aforementioned service, converting the labels in different languages.

What To Check In A Label?

Food Name– It must be mentioned without any false or misleading information, simply representing your brand and product.

Ingredients Name– The list of ingredients used to make the product must be present in descending order.

Percentage Of The Ingredients– When a consumer will buy your product, he or she will check for the percentage of components present in the packet. For instance, if you are selling a packet of chips, the percentage of fats, carbohydrates and other spices added must be mentioned.

Any Instruction– Take the help of a label translation service to include cooking equipment, cooking time, temperature, storage and other specific details required for cooking.

Contact Details– Mention the name of your business, country and contact details in the labelling.

Country Of Origin– Avoid stating the place of origin if you have sourced the product from somewhere else. Suppose, if the tuna is fished in Canada and sent to the UK, you can label it as British tuna.

Why Are Food Labels Important?

Help In Making An Informed Decision– These labels help the purchasers know what they are buying from foreign lands. They make informed choices regarding food, how to cook and store it. With the labels being translated into different languages, it becomes easier for them to follow all the instructions written.

Personal Belief– Some choose to refrain themselves from eating a certain ingredient. Hence, they should be able to identify the component which they want to avoid.

Specific Requirements– Some may face allergic experience after consuming a product. Therefore label checking is a must to stay away from those elements that can be a threat to lives.

Medical Issues– There are different medical conditions which make people pick their food cautiously. Food labels enable them to understand what they should buy and what they should not.

These are certain things a tourist must check whilst food shopping in international markets. As a food producer, you must look out for companies offering label translation services so that people can easily identify products before consuming them.