Finding The Right Ice Maker To Buy

Finding The Right Ice Maker To Buy

How does a nice warm cocktail on a hot summer day sound? How about a room-temperature shrimp cocktail? If you’re like most people, both of those things probably sound like something out of a nightmare.

Luckily, ice exists to save the day.

Regardless of whether you own a business or just enjoy it at home, you shouldn’t let the limitations of your freezer prevent you from having enough ice. The right ice maker can help ensure that you always have plenty of ice to go around.

But how can you ensure that you end up buying the right ice maker?

Keep reading to learn about everything you need to consider when looking to buy an ice maker.

Consider the Size

The biggest factor you’ll have to consider when buying an ice maker is the size. To determine the right size, make sure you’re clear on what you’ll be using your ice maker for.

If you’ll be using it for drinks, how many drinks will you make? Will it be able to make enough for everyone at a party, if you’ll be using it at home, or for all of your customers if you’ll be using it at a restaurant?

Remember that heat can impair ice maker productivity. If you live in an area like Arizona, you might need a bigger and more powerful ice maker than someone who lives in Maine.

Ensure That You Have Enough Space

You’ll also have to consider the amount of space that you have for the ice maker.

Residential ice makers are often small and portable home appliances, but they can still be bulky. Many people end up putting them in their garages or basements to help save space.

If you’re getting an ice machine for your business and it relies on air cooling, you’ll need a lot of space for ventilation. Factor ventilation requirements in as well, in addition to the size of the actual appliance.

Choose an Ice Cube Shape

Most people don’t realize that ice can come in a variety of different shapes. Aside from adding aesthetic value, different shapes can also be functional, which is why choosing the right ice cube shape is essential.

Many restaurants and businesses use cubelet ice that is softer and easier to chew. Meanwhile, seafood bars often use flake ice. Aside from looking great in food presentations, flake ice also helps the seafood stay cold.

If you just plan on making drinks, you won’t have to worry much about ice shape. But if you ever use ice for anything else, or you run a restaurant, it’s worth choosing an ice maker that can make different types of ice cube shapes.

Select a Condenser

The majority of ice makers that you’ll buy are air-cooled. This is where a fan inside the ice maker uses a fan to cool the condenser coils. While this is the most popular system, it’s far from the only one.

Some ice makers use water to bring the temperature down. Although this type of system is more expensive, the temperature inside of the machine is less affected by the temperature outside.

Remote condensers are another type. They have their entire condenser unit in a separate location.

If you need to buy condensers or other components, check out this site that sells Whirlpool ice maker parts.

Be Aware of the Electrical Requirements

Depending on the size of the ice machine that you’re looking at getting, there are certain electrical requirements that you’ll have to take into consideration.

Smaller ice makers, which are the kind that most individuals buy for their home, usually need 115v to run. 115v is the standard receptacle type, with two slots and an opening at the bottom.

If you’re looking at getting a larger ice maker or need one for your restaurant or bar, odds are it will need a 220v machine. 220v receptacles are those that blow dryers and washing machines use to run.

Don’t Forget About Drainage

Of course, all ice makers use water to produce ice, which means that you’ll have to consider the type of drainage system that your ice maker has.

Most ice makers that sit on countertops allow their excess water to run into a sink that’s closeby. Self-contained machines with their own bins rely on flood drains to get rid of excess water.

Regardless of which setup you end up choosing, make sure that your ice machine has an air gap. This keeps the water that flows out of the machine from flowing back in.

Decide Between Buying or Leasing

Buying an ice maker is convenient, but understand that it’s not your only option. Many people, and especially restaurant and business owners, choose to lease their ice makers.

Leasing is a great way to save money, and many companies will handle the necessary maintenance and cleaning for you. If you need an ice maker for a short period of time, this could be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, if you plan on using an ice maker for years and years, then buying it might be the smarter option. Just be prepared for necessary maintenance and cleaning from time to time.

Choose the Right Ice Maker for You

Whether you need one for your business or just want one for your home, it’s never a bad idea to buy an ice maker. Make sure to consider the different factors mentioned in this guide to ensure that you end up buying an ice maker that won’t let you down.

Do you now have a better understanding of what you need to consider when buying an ice maker? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other posts for more helpful home-related guides and tips.