Features To Look For In Commercial Fridges

Features To Look For In Commercial Fridges

Commercial fridges are made for commercial settings instead of regular homes. The fridges are larger and more spacious than the residential ones that feed only a few people. The commercial versions are designed to hold food that feeds dozens up to hundreds of people at once. In restaurants, these fridges operate in the back kitchens. In cafeterias, these fridges work day and night alongside very large freezers. It takes some effort to know which fridge is suitable for your business needs.

Space and Size

The most important feature to consider is the large size of a commercial fridge, which is two to four times the size of a residential one. A business owner needs enough space to store piles of food.

Space is chosen over style in a commercial fridge. The design is less stylish than a home fridge that comes in several colours and styles. The look is plain and utilitarian, with fewer shelves and no freezer attached. The commercial freezer is kept separate and used to preserve large amounts of food.


Commercial refrigeration units are built to last for decades. The machines consume large amounts of energy and run from day to night. Restaurant owners have to maintain certain temperatures within these fridges. Local health codes state that the food must be cooled sufficiently to prevent bacterial growth and food poisoning. The fridges need a lot of power to keep running at these temperatures and keep the food safe.

There are a few energy efficient models available to interested buyers. Many buyers also follow energy saving tips and invest in Energy Star models of commercial fridges for sale. Any small business owner should take the steps to save on energy bills and buy this type of fridge.


The refrigerators in homes are different from the ones in businesses. The types of repair technicians are different, as well. It is the owner’s responsibility to review the technicians’ expertise and make sure they are qualified to handle commercial repairs. An underqualified professional could make the refrigeration unit worse over time.

A commercial fridge needs to run constantly, just like a business needs to run constantly. Any delays in repairing the fridge are detrimental to the business. Prevent a rapid loss of income and customers by getting the repairs done quickly.

If this appliance is not working at its optimal level, it could easily contaminate the food. Then, the manager is left with piles of food that are spoiled, unused, and a waste of money. Make repairs right away to prevent contamination and avoid health code violations.

There are commercial versions of products that most people rarely see. Freezers, dishwashers, and fridges are a few appliances that are only seen in the backs of restaurants and other commercial settings. Consider how these machines are built for space, power, and speed as you decide to buy one. Then, review all of the basic details as you look at commercial fridges and parts being sold online.