Database Management Solutions And Tools Offered By Oracle – How To Maximize Your Investments

Database Management Solutions And Tools Offered By Oracle – How To Maximize Your Investments

For efficient data management, access, and to effectively perform multiple tasks, you only need an equally effective database management system. The chosen database management system must have tools to store, organize and manage the said data. That said, do you have a system that will withstand the demands of your business? In the current data-driven economy, you need to have a proactive approach towards data management.

Your business needs a data management system and a provider of solutions for task automation, data collaboration, risk reduction, and data visualization in real-time. For this, you need a service provider with a strategic solution for all these needs.  This is where Oracle comes in. The following solutions are available for you to maximize your investment:


The Oracle database management solutions ensure uptime of your most critical databases, optimized system performance, health, a rapid delivery of results and system changes. These capabilities and more are made possible by:

  1. Database Administration

Redundant database tasks waste time. To get rid of these redundancies, you need to have a streamlined system for database automation, monitoring, and security. Oracle’s system administration solution facilitates maintenance, data protection, performance monitoring, automation and peer collaboration.

Oracle’s data administration systems facilitate data backups and they increase the availability of data.

  1. Database management

Your database management is made easier by the Toad for Oracle. This tool reduces the time and effort needed to develop and manage Oracle Databases. Toad makes it possible to implement repeated and consistent processes, to accelerate application delivery, to ensure scalability and functional accuracy with its automatic testing, and to automate SQL optimization and scheduling of tasks.

Features of Toad

Code quality assurance : In collaboration with Oracle’s team members, it standardizes code formatting and at the same time preserves the codes’ integrity. This prevents overwrites and version control.

Simple database development 

For many people, database development is a challenge. The success of the database management system depends on the development. Toad simplifies this with its design, building, editing, debugging and management projects. The database developments by the Oracle consultants are managed and controlled by the Toad Data Modeler and the SQL Editor, the Built-in Database Browser, the Project Manager, and the Debugger.

Automated code testing

For application quality and faster delivery of code, Toad automatically creates and executes functional code tests.

Automated code analysis

Code reviews are important and they must be run using the industry’s best practices. For accurate and trusted analysis, the code is run through customizable rulesets like readability, correctness, maintainability and the naming conventions.

Automated performance optimization

Toad is capable of pinpointing database bottlenecks. Spotlight runs the database diagnostics, resolving or validating issues quickly. These features ensure that your database performance is fast while navigating any complexities.

The other database management tool other than Toad is the Enterprise Manager 12c – Total Cloud Control

Enterprise Manager 12c – Total Cloud Control

If you are looking for an Oracle database management tool with to monitor functionality effectively, the Enterprise Manager 12c is a good choice.

The Enterprise Manager (EM) has over 900 rules that apply in masking all Personally Identifiable Information columns that are available in Oracle’s E-Business Suite. At the same time, you can use the EM for implementation of the cloud self-service portal while charging or metering and this allows all users and developers to provide for their databases. This functionality has been shown to leverage storage snapshot cloning in the creation of lightweight database clones.

The EM takes note of the correctness of data and the system’s performance to capture all database activities on the production database then replays the data’s activity on the test database.

Data patching and updates are possible with the EM. This is made possible by the system’s built- in capacity to update, patch, and download the patches from Oracle support. If there are problems with the initial patch, EM rolls back on the patches. Its capability to perform automated rolling upgrades results in zero-downtime patching.

Security is crucial in database management, and Oracle’s EM has been structured to report security vulnerabilities. It is also capable of configuring bad practices on your Oracle databases. EM further provides workarounds that are applicable automatically. Finally, Oracle’s EM automatically sets up and configures Data Guard and yields Automatic Data Guard replication. Diagnostics, performance management, and tuning are features in Oracle’s EM database management tool as well.

Database Monitoring

Monitoring of complex and diverse database environments is critical in database systems. You need a tool to give up-to-date insights on workload analytics in addition to change tracking. To receive the multi-platform report, you need to use Fog light, your comprehensive monitoring and automated diagnostics system.

Fog light supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, or IBM DB2. Its main features include:

  • Adaptive baselines
  • Built-in intelligence
  • Drag-and-drop reporting
  • A global view
  • Rich historical data
  1. Database Replication

For full-range replication processes, Oracle has the SharePlex feature that gives your business the chance to experience high availability, data integration, and scalability. The database replication system cuts down costs considerably. Data migration and integration run on the data replication system with zero migration risks and in near real-time for reporting and or analytics.

SharePlex supports Oracle’s database replication for SAP, SQL Server, SAP HANA, Teradata, Postgres, and Oracle. Its main features include:

  • Affordability – low ownership costs
  • Analytics support
  • 24-7-365 exemplary customer support
  • 99 percent downtime prevention
  • Near real-time data replication and integration
  1. ERP Change Management

Whether you use PeopleSofft ERP or Oracle EBS, you need to have an automated change management solution. The change management ERP for Oracle is Stat, and it lets you upgrade to Oracle R12 easily. This product is effective for your business since it results in simplified and streamlined R12 and R12.2 upgrades. You get to identify all customization before upgrading, apply patches without affecting your e-business users, compare and manage different functionalities, and add custom file objects to configure post-deployment functions.

In conclusion, Oracle offers great data administration, development, management, data preparation and data analysis solutions that give you more time to focus on increasing sales from wherever you may be. The cloud support to these solutions increases flexibility and convenience, saving time and increasing sales. 

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