The Complete Details For Acquiring The Canada Work Visa For Indians

The Complete Details For Acquiring The Canada Work Visa For Indians

Every year, thousands of foreign skilled workers, especially from India migrate to Canada to work on temporary work permit. The work permits or work visa for Canada from India enables the skilled professionals from India to live and work in Canada for a specified period of time until they opt for the PR Residency visa which is the point based assessment visa. In order to get the Canada Work permit Visa for Indians the skilled professionals from India need to have the offer of employment from any eligible Canadian employer and be granted a Labour Market Opinion by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.        


How to Get the Canada Work Visa for Indians?

The process is quite critical and difficult to understand and you need to clear it before filling Canada work permit visa application. The work visa is not same as the immigration visa and it grants you to work for specified period of time in Canada. This work visa is only issued to those skilled professionals from India who has the offer letter from the Canadian Employer that is authorized to fill the position with foreign skilled workers.

Moreover, the employer is required to corporate with the prospective employees so as to complete the process and the employer needs to have a positive labour market opinion which is essential for granting work visa to foreign skilled workers.

Steps for Applying for Canada Work Visa for Indian Citizens

  • Steps One – You need to determine whether you would require a passport or temporary resident visa to acquire the Canada Work permit Visa for Indians. These are the items which are necessary for some of the foreign skilled workers who want to migrate to Canada for work.
  • Step Two – Check the requirements and eligibility prior to applying for the work visa for Canada from India. The requirements for the work visa usually vary and depend on the position or designation. For most of the work visa, there is a necessity of job offer from eligible employer in Canada, proof of positive labour market opinion, proof of work experience, diploma or certificate in related field and more. Criminal background check and medical examination is necessary for applying for Canada Work Visa from India.
  • Step Three – You need to acquire for the work visa application package from the Citizenship and Immigration website and it can also be obtained from Canadian visa office in India. Fill out the form and the application package and accompany the application with paperwork as asked to complete the application.
  • Step Four – Submit the applications and paperwork at the visa office or through online procedure. You also need to submit the processing fees and the cost vary depending upon the type of visa you are applying for
  • Step Five – You need to keep tracking the progression of the visa application as the time taken for processing the application vary depending upon the visa you are applying. If any mistake is found in the application, then it will be rejected and you need to submit it again.

Your visa is no way away if you follow above steps for the application process. There are various consultant firms which can assist you in the visa application procedure.

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