Cold Storage Hire For Restaurants

Cold Storage Hire For Restaurants

Don’t tear your hair out whilst running a restaurant at peak times. When you need to accommodate additional refrigerated (and freezer) stock, call a professional chiller hire firm like Icecool Trailers. They have facilities that allow clients to increase stock capacities and meet all hygiene and legislative requirements.


Cold room hire for restaurants offers a convenient solution when an establishment is benefitting from higher levels of customers; Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day being three examples. You can accept more guests without having to make numerous stock acquisition trips, saving money on fuel and avoiding time and operational pressures that you don’t relish making time for.

The more consumers who have an opportunity to dine at your eatery, the more word of mouth recommendations and the greater the demand becomes on your establishment. What may be a temporary modular cold room measure could become a permanent or semi-permanent requirement as your business expands. That’s excellent news for any business which doesn’t want to stand still.

The alternative of turning guests away because you can’t house stock means that the consumer will go elsewhere, any recommendations won’t be for your restaurant but for the oppositions. Surely, that’s a primary motivation to seek chiller hire assistance?

Peace of mind is a priceless gift that comes with cold room hire.

Icecool Trailers covers Berkshire, the Home Counties, the Thames Valley, South Wales, the Midlands and London. Remember, you don’t have to choose the chiller hire firm that’s just around the corner, especially if they are not highly experienced with a raft of stellar reviews.

Wherever you need the modular cold room, in a bar area, in a corridor between rooms, in the kitchen or storage area, the flexibility offered by mains and generator powered units is ideal. Staff can stand and work in cold rooms which can save space and won’t contravene health and safety.

  • Especially at peak business times, it is advisable to pre-book facilities.
  • The leading hire firms have 24/7 emergency chiller hire services.
  • Prices are highly competitive.
  • The hire firm delivers and collects the cold room and it is assembled on site so there are no problems getting facilities in to the premises.
  • Modular cold rooms are not on wheels so where they are installed, they remain for the duration of hire. Trailers are a better solution for multi-room or venue hire.
  • The firm’s team set up and down-power the cold room for you at the start and conclusion of the hire period.
  • There is no self-drive/towing option so no fuel costs.
  • Cold room hire units are available in varying sizes and capacities. 1.8m and 3m, for example.
  • Units are fully lit.
  • Facilities should always look professional, be clean and well maintained.
  • Chiller hire units are lockable. The keys are left with the clients.
  • Hire facilities are insured but any stock will necessitate another insurance policy which it is the client’s responsibility to source.
  • Hire periods can be for any duration and are easily extendable.

Maximise your catering potential with chiller hire.

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