Caught In A Fishnet Frenzy!

Caught In A Fishnet Frenzy!

When one thinks of fishnets, the first image that comes to our mind is the sultry, sexy and flamboyant Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman. The long-legged beauty was able to pull off that look with that pair of classy looking fishnets under the distressed shorts which added an edge to complete the cherry-lipped girl on the street look. But as the time passes by, from being a hosiery, we can now get over that particular image of the fishnets, which had already taken a new form as a wardrobe essential.


Fishnet stockings have made a major comeback, and they’re becoming bigger each day! Basically, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try this trend. It’s fun and different. They’re extremely trendy and can also look intimidating. Embellishments play an important role in the fashion world. From embroidered to lace, fringed to beaded, they have been and will always be in style. Many fashion houses have embraced embellishments season after season. From shine to seduction, sequins to fur, it’s impossible to get away from embellished clothing and even more impossible to say you don’t like it.

For women, the list of swoony must have jewels, accessories and clothes is ever-expanding. How about a pair of humble fishnet stockings, transformed with some serious bling and adorable embellishments into an ultimate festival accessory? It’s definitely something you’d want to add to your list, right?

This nude coloured fishnet adorned with gorgeous handmade floral embellishments in vibrant hues, each one encrusted with either pearls or gems, is surely a show stopper. The indulgent drizzle of emerald stones around these dazzling flowers definitely steals the scene. The unique floral design and how well the colours play along with each other is absolutely mind blowing. It’s both refined and refreshing.

If you love sparkle, embellished fishnets are the one for you. Capture the essence of the beautiful spring season in your outfit with these. The brilliant and cheerful pop of colours, different flowers and the crystals all together give it an elegance that you’d crave. The delicate and intricate detailing brings in beauty that you’d admire forever. It is precisely the perfect accessory that you need, to add a splash of colour and joy to your boring outfits. The beauty of this piece lies in its intricate detailing and the fact that it is so well thought.

It could be injecting a generous dose of glitter and glam to your sophisticated, classy outfits or it could be adding just the right amount of cool and sass to your casual chic looks. Either way, it’ll be the most sensational addition to your wardrobe. It can set off any outfit with a bling-tastic effect.

How do I sum it up? Well, two words- Embellished elegances.


Style advice:

    • Since pairing up this beautiful piece of art with a white outfit would help all the brilliant colours pop, a white ruffled dress with these fishnet stockings and white heels would look extremely sumptuous and classy.
    • Pull together a royalty-inspired look by pairing it up with a sophisticated pastel pink coat dress, elbow length tulle gloves and pointy toe pink heels. This ravishing outfit can make you look like a million bucks.
    • These embellished fishnets are also perfect for grunge and edgy outfits like a pleated skirt in metallic shade, a colourful printed tee and black pumps. It’s a super balanced outfit combination that is very comfortable to wear as well.
    • For a more playful yet extraordinary look, wear it along with ripped denim shorts, printed white tee, a denim jacket, white heels and finish it off with a cross body tote sling bag of your favourite colour. If you want to look simple as well as sizzling, pick this outfit and don’t worry about anything else.
    • Look absolutely stunning by wearing these with a long white skirt that has a high slit, a crop top and stilettoes.   
    • This dazzling pair looks very chic combined with nude heels and the right dress. So, get creative! And see how it works the best for you.
    • For a laidback look that is still trending, wear them with skirt dresses and long hoodies.  
  • Pair it up with a pretty-patterned t-shirt dress or a blouse dress and block heels for a cute and chic look.

Black fishnet tights are enduring, but black embellished fishnets are here to take this style a notch up by adding ultimate sass and extra edge to all your outfits. Embellishments have always played a major role in the fashion world and now have finally made their way to fishnets to spruce them up like never before. Also, they can add a touch of elegance to the sensuality of your fishnets. If you have always related fishnets with the sexy and bad-ass image, it’s high time that you change your perspective about them. With this kind of a sensational makeover, they can be classy and elegant as well.

These fishnets have a chic vibe, sexy is their second nature. The best you can do with fishnets is wearing them like a 90’s fashion star. Use them to the best of your advantage, make them sexy and classy and dangerous and interesting, all at the same time.

Since things are getting slightly daring in the fashion world, people have realised that it’s high time to up the ante and bravely take fishnets where no fishnet has ever gone before. And if you thought they were only for a casual outfit then you are wrong, they’re ready to party. Because a little glitter makes everything better.

The Moulin rouge fishnet stockings are the perfect example for this. Possessing loads of oomph and featuring beautiful feminine embellishments, these fishnets hit the right balance between sensual and suave. It gives a perfect effortless and edgy vibe that can never fail. With this one of a kind fishnet, you could be throwing sass around like confetti.

Dark hued fishnets with hand sewn crimson, cream and metallic carnations, this piece is a must have if you want to make a statement. The intricate detailing with crystals, stones and a slight touch of lavender adds unimaginable grandeur to it.

Styling advice:

    • Pairing it up with a bright red dress and red pumps would give you a sumptuous and seductive look.
    • Black shorts, a white tee, a bomber jacket and black ankle boots would look extremely glamorous with this dazzling fishnet.
    • Pull it up around your waist under ripped denim shorts and pair it up with a cropped sweater, boots and solid black shades. Trust me, sporting this look, you’ll look like a model walking down the runway.
    • This stunning fishnet can be the perfect partner for all your little black dresses. It would add an extra dose of glitter and glam to your LBD.
    • For a chic and subtle look, you can pair it up with a red skater dress and strappy heels.
    • Or, if you really want a reaction, you can get your hands on rather daring outfits like a corset top paired with this statement fishnet tights and shorts.
    • For a grunge look, you can wear it with a black mini leather skirt, a red crop top, a black leather jacket and combat boots.
    • Pull together a rather quirky look by wearing them with high waisted denim shorts, a red graphic tee and your favourite summer shoes.
    • Wear it along with a ruffled skirt and a cosy sweater, if that’s more your style.
  • For a casual yet sassy look, layer them under an oversized sweat shirt.

The fishnet stockings have recently become a trend in themselves as they give the perfect opportunity to reveal and conceal at the same time, a perfect example of an oxymoron. Fishnets have taken over Instagram like never before and all the “Insta famous” models seem to be experimenting with them.

Fishnets are hence not for Halloween gimmicks anymore nor is it for cherry-lipped dancers. They have had their transition and hence are a must have in every girl’s wardrobe because it is not a hush-a-push affair, it’s a glam it up babe affair. As you can see, fishnets are definitely a fetish-wear. It can make you look all bold, chic, elegant and classy. And the ones of Kerry Parker’s collection definitely make a statement.

I hope that you have found something that you like. If you haven’t bought your pair of fishnets yet, I think it’s time for you to buy one. So, head out to the Kerry Parker site right now and upgrade your wardrobe fashionista style.  If you have some styling tips that you think I missed in my blog, do write to me about the same.

Always remember dressing up is fun only when we keep trying new stuff, when we move away from the ordinary, when we constantly think of pristine ways to look better than the rest. If your heart beats for fashion, don’t forget to keep up to the minute. Fashion isn’t for the faint hearted and it isn’t for the shiftless.

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