What A Bone Marrow Transplant Is All About?

What A Bone Marrow Transplant Is All About?

In this process the damaged or deceased stem cells are being replaced by health ones. It is necessary if the bone marrow does not perform well, and a stem cell transplant is needed.



Yes a bone marrow replacement does pose significant risk and some of them are fatal in nature. This risk boils down to numerous factors and that includes the condition or type of disease. The health and age of the person is taken into account by the famous doctors for bone marrow transplant in India.

Though people are known to experience minimum level of complications with this surgery, in case of other complications may arise that may require treatment or hospitalization. In some cases certain complications could be life threatening as well. The complications that could normally arise are infertility, cataracts, damage of organs etc. Before the surgery the doctor is going to explain the risks with you. Then the onus is on you to decide whether this surgery is right for you or not.

The process

The procedure of bone marrow transplant is going to start after the entire process of conditioning is over. The day of the transplant goes by the name of zero, through the central line; the stem cells are infused into your body. The entire process of transfusion is a painless one and you are awake during this process.

Then the transplanted cells find their way into the bone marrow. At these stage new red blood cells is created. It is going to take a few weeks for the red blood cells to be produced and the blood counts starts to recover. Before the transplantation you are going to receive medications to reduce any type of side effects. Being hydrated is also important before and after the surgery so that the body gets rid of the preservative substance. Some of the side effects that could emerge are nausea, headache or shortness of breath.

Each of the individuals does not experience any side effects from the preservative, but it is minimal in most cases.

Post recovery procedure

As the stem cells make their entry into the body, and reach across to the bone marrow. Over the course of time they multiply and form new cells. This process goes by the name of engraftment. It is going to take a considerable amount of time before the blood cells of the body returns back to the normal count. In case of certain people it is going to take a wee bit longer.

Once the bone marrow process is over you are going to be part of blood tests to monitor your condition. To manage nausea and other complications medicines are needed. For the success of a bone marrow transplant specialist India, the post recovery period is of utmost importance.

Once the transplant is over you will be under intensive medical care. If any history of infections is witnessed then you would need to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time.

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