Australia Born Famous Youtube Stars

Australia Born Famous Youtube Stars

YouTube has been a boom since its inception in 2005 and has become a Launchpad for the celebrities of next generation. YouTubers are also known as YouTube personalities or YouTube celebrities. They are a class of internet superstars who have become popular from the videos that they have uploaded on this video-sharing website. Some of the YouTube personalities are sponsored by corporates who pay for their product placement in their videos. Social Media also support YouTube celebrities.

In the recent times, there are a number of people from various background has gained the fame of a YouTube Star. Let’s have a look at few famous Australian YouTube Stars:

  • Jess Conte

Jess Conte is a famous 21-years old Australian YouTuber. She became famous in a short span of time thanks to her YouTube channel BauerBirds. She posts DIY beauty sessions, song covers and challenges for her fans on her channel. She started her channel in 2011 with a video called 1, 2, 3, 4 – plain white t’s (cover by Jess Bauer). Today, she has achieved over 1.2 million subscribers.

She is also a talented singer, graphic designer, vlogger and beauty expert. She is married to Gabriel Conte since 2016.

  • Natalie Tran

Natalie Tran is a famous actress, comedian, producer and writer. Born in Sydney, Australia 31-years old Natalie is outrageously hilarious and a recent viral hit for her YouTube Channel. She covers everything from what people may think in the shower, the daily routine, how to cook or any other random topic in the funniest ways. Natalie’s YouTube channel is named as communitychannel. She has gained more than 1.8 million subscribers and 575 million viewers.

She joined YouTube in 2006 and has more than 400 videos uploaded on her YouTube channel. She also has been parts of few television shows.

  • Kyutie

Ellen Pellon, popularly known as Kyutie, is a YouTube star who rose to fame for her YouTube channel that features vlogs, joke videos, reactive videos and gaming videos. Her famous video is “Pranking my CRUSH with Ariana Grande’s ‘Into You’ Lyrics,” which gained 10 million viewers. This 20-years old Australia born YouTuber has over 2.4 million subscribers.

She joined YouTube in 2010 with the name oJaywalker and went on to open a secondary channel called KyutieBeauty that have gained over 60,000 subscribers within a year. She has become a young sensation overnight. Her fans are often found searching for Kyutie contact details over the internet. Although she is available in the social media for the fans to connect but for security reasons, Kyutie contact details are not shared anywhere.

  • Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis is one of the top Australian YouTube Stars who runs her channel called lauren beautyy. Her channel mainly features hair & make-up tutorials, beauty product reviews and any random topic related to beauty. She joined YouTube in 2011 with her first video called “Introduction to Lauren beautyy”. She went ahead to open a second channel in 2012 called “lauren beauty VLOGS”. She has gained more than 3.3 million subscribers.

Born in Perth, Australia 21-year old Lauren’s channel has attained many recognitions world-wide due to her contagious energy, pleasant personality and never ending stock of tips and tricks

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