5 Points To Consider While Planning An Outdoor Wedding

5 Points To Consider While Planning An Outdoor Wedding

You are special and so must be your wedding! If you are a nature lover and enjoy rustic barns, picturesque landscapes, and pastoral countryside, then an outdoor wedding can be the best kind of arrangement you can opt for. However, caring for details, there are certain ideas that you can follow and a couple of things to consider before you lay out your wedding plan. To help you organize it right, we have jotted down certain crucial points for you to consider beforehand.


If you are looking forward to planning your lovely day in the most famous Crondon Park wedding venue, you must consider your plans for lightning as well. The wedding venue is located in the premier countryside with a huge golf course and picturesque outdoor settings. The thing about countryside locations is that during the daytime you can skip the lightning but as soon as the sun starts to set, the area must light up. During the night, while you can enjoy the most memorable bonfire and cheerful dining table conversations amid outdoor settings, the lightning must be apt.

Cool Drinks

Ensure making available ice cool drinks and chilled water cans for your wedding guests who might feel dehydrated during the noon sessions. Instead of directing guests specifically to the bar or bouffe table for water, you must allow the staff to keep supplying each seat and standing guests with cool drinks.

Carpets For Aisle

Since the idea is to plan a natural wedding on the outdoor of a Crondon Park wedding venue, grass becomes inevitable. However, your female guests might struggle with walking on the grass due to high heels. Further, bridesmaids and brides might find it difficult to walk on the aisle without faltering. On areas like buffeted, aisle, seating, etc. consider drawing an even layered carpet.

Electric Fans

Keeping the summer sun in mind, make sure that the outdoor area, especially the sitting arrangements is surrounded by cooling fans to fight off the heat. You don’t want a sweaty wedding nor the odour of it.

Insect Repellents

Arranging the dining option outdoors is an amazing idea until all sorts of pests like flies and insects begin attacking the desserts. Prefer insect-repelling canopies or take extra care while storing and serving the food items.


A countryside wedding offers the most romantic and pastoral setting for your day and just like any other wedding venue, it too has certain unique aspects to be managed.