5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Paint Color

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Paint Color

Colors either makes things look beautiful or extremely blunder. So it’s really important to choose the right colors for everything especially when it comes to choosing a color for your homes or workplaces. There are plenty of colors in Janovic NYC paint to make your walls attractive and pleasing. Having so many color options besides giving you vast choices can also create confusion and you might end up making your walls appear either less appealing or overly decorated. So here are some points to keep in check while choosing a color for your walls at home or workplace:


  • Choose your paint color LAST

Choosing an appropriate color for your room walls must be the last step for setting up your room. You must buy your furniture and room decors first and later on decide the paints that go best with them. Choosing color at first can make you search days long for the décor material that will suit your room according to room’s color. This way you will save your time.

  • Avoid using bright colors

Bright colors appear really attractive at first look but watching it daily might give you headaches or make you irritated. Also, it doesn’t calm you down after a day full of stress and work. So you should always prefer colors with a bit of dull or grey shades in it making your walls appear soothing to see. But if you love bright colors and only want bright colors in your room, be careful about choosing the decors and furniture that they may suit it well to the wall color.

  • Walk from room to room

Consider walking from room to room when choosing the appropriate color. The color from one room to the next should flow with the other. It shouldn’t be like you got a yellow color in one room and light pink in the other. One might feel weird walking from one room to another as the colors don’t go really good together.

  • Keep your favorite colors aside

You should keep your favorite colors on the side and rather go for colors that will go well according to the place. For instance, you love the black color, but the black color isn’t the appropriate one for your bedroom. You must prefer colors that go according to the room’s mood. A bedrooms color must be calm and romantic while the color in the kitchen must be stimulating one.

  • Avoid going with trends

Always prevent going with what is in fashion right now. That might look beautiful for a present period but it might appear out-dated in the future. So always rely on the colors that are evergreen and beautiful at the same time. Also, the trendy colors will be everywhere, this will not impress the viewer as it’s not the unique one.

All the above tips accumulated will help you go for colors that are appropriate for your room walls or workplace. Janovic NYC paint gets you with the best and unique walls making everyone desire to get wall colors just like at your home.

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