5 Important Features That You Should Look For In Your PCR Thermocycler

5 Important Features That You Should Look For In Your PCR Thermocycler

With the rocket speed of the technological upgrades in our modern society, there is no wonder that the scientific instruments used in the laboratory are every improving. PCR thermocycler, also known as thermocycler is common equipment used in laboratory for DNA testing and people often look for the latest thermocyclers models to get the best result in their laboratory processes.


These types of equipments are very sensitive as the results of the DNA tests fully depend on the capabilities of the thermocylcers. Therefore, when looking to buy PCR thermocycler for the first time, you need to be careful about the product as well as the distributors from where you are buying laboratory equipment. The best place to buy PCR thermocycler is a reputed lab equipment distributor as they can offer you the best product at the most affordable rate.

However, in order to improve the DNA testing capabilities in your laboratory, you need to purchase a PCR thermocycler that fulfills certain requirements. Mentioned below are some of the most important features that you should check when purchasing a PCR thermocycler from a distributor.

Prompt Temperature Changes:

If the thermocycler is able to process the temperature changes in a rapid speed, this can save you a good amount of time in the laboratory. It is required to switch temperature in a fast pace to maintain an uninterrupted DNA test. Therefore, you should ask the distributors about how capable the thermocycler is in fast temperature changing. A good thermocycler will surely be able to provide you with increased speed in temperature alterations.

Low Settling Time:

As soon as the PCR thermocycler gets the appropriate temperature you are looking for, the same will require settling and stabilizing into a precise zone. This is the reason you should always look for the thermocycler models that offer short stabilization intervals to improve the result.

Block Temperature Uniformity:

Thermocylcer block temperature uniformity is one of the most important factors that help in DNA testing repeatability. No matter the location where you are processing the temperature measurement, the reading should be same in all cases. Therefore, you should ask the distributor whether the thermocycler has high tolerance levels for its block temperature uniformity.

Block Formats:

Another important factor that determines the quality of a PCR Thermocycler is its capacity to change out the block. In case if your block fails or your laboratory needs to change to a different block format, you simply need to replace the old block with a new one. This is a simple step but can save dollars for you. Therefore, always check the block formats before you purchase the PCR thermocycler from a distributor.

Adequate Memory:

Before you purchase a particular PCR thermocycler, you need to make sure that the model you are buying has adequate memory allocated for user programming. This would surely be a headache to program the same things over and over again.

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